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Chapter A    Sending 100's of Thank You's out to the following for over 43 Years of
                     helping us tell the History of Syracuse Music Story - Ron Wray

Chapter 1    A Look Back to the 1950's

Chapter 2    WOLF Radio Sandman Serenade & Dick Clark

Chapter 3    The Early Years & Big Bands

Chapter 4    First Syracuse Radio & Television Broadcasts

Chapter 5    Jimmy Cavallo, Alan Freed & The Early 1950's

Chapter 6    The Jazz Influence

Chapter 7    Dixieland, Sal Nistico & Mangione Brothers

Chapter 8   Birth of Syracuse Rock

Chapter 9    WNDR Radio, Dandy Dan Leonard, Rhythm Cadets, The Eldaros
                      Little Jan, Jeff and The Notes w/ Duane Hitchings

Chapter 10   Calm Before the Storm- Rock & Roll Loses Some of It's Biggest Stars

Chapter 11   Early 1960's - Part 1

Chapter 12   Early 1960's - Part 2
                      Ronnie Dio, Bobby Comstock, Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars

Chapter 13   Sam and The Twisters

Chapter 14   New Sounds, New Bands, Syracuse University Music Influences-
                     Felix Cavaliere, Lou Reed, Mike  Esposito & Garland Jefferies

Chapter 15   The Beatles & British Invasion, Mid 60's & Bud Ballou

Chapter 16   Bud Ballou Leaves, Dale Dorman Arrives

Chapter 17   Three Rivers Inn Nightclub 1934-2001

Chapter 18   Bobby Comstock, Alan Freed, American Bandstand

Chapter 19   John Lennon & Yoko Ono at the Everson Museum - 1971

Chapter 20   Jimmy Cavallo - Then & Now

Chapter 21   Howie Wyeth - From Sidewinders to Jam Factory

Chapter 22   50 Year Career of Jazz Great - Mark Murphy (Updated)

Chapter 23   Sandy Bigtree & Bigtree Sisters

Chapter 24   Don Barber and The Dukes

Chapter 25   The Seven  (1969-1972) ** Updated**

Chapter 26   The Sermon  (1968-71)

Chapter 27   The Livin' Ennd (1967-1975)

Chapter 28   Ed Wool & the Nomads, Sure Cure, Pineapple Heard & Wool

Chapter 29   Great Record Stores in CNY 1950'S- 1980'S

Chapter 30   Suburban Amusement Park- Manlius, NY

Chapter 31   Ridgewoods are the roots of Dean Brothers, Joe Whiting, Mark Doyle,
                     Freewill & Jukin Bone

Chapter 32   Tex Roe- NYS Country Music Hall of Famer

Chapter 33   Dave Hanlon "Syracuse Hall of Fame Great"

Chapter 34   John Kane

Chapter 35   Irving Kaufman "Syracuse First Great Recording Artist 1914-1974

Chapter 36   Lloyd Baskin

Chapter 37   Famous Names Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1940-45

Chapter 38   The WHO in Syracuse 1969 & 1981

Chapter 39   Jazz Great - Chris Powell and The Blue Flames

Chapter 40   Ronnie France a Hall of Fame Musician "Who Plays from the Heart"

Chapter 41   WOLF Radio Welcomes Led Zeppelin to Syracuse 1969 & 1971

Chapter 42  Jimi Hendrix in Syracuse- May 4, 1969

Chapter 43  Dan Elliott from SAMMY's to Doo-Wop Hall of Fame (Updated)

Chapter 44   Eric Clapton w/ Derek & The Dominoes with special guest Duane
                     Allman Play Syracuse - December 2, 1970

Chapter 45   Elvis Presley Performs in Syracuse - July 25 & 27, 1976

Chapter 46   The Vikings (1962) to Carmen Licitra and The Vikings (1963-67)

Chapter 47   Jimmy Van Heusen

Chapter 48   Del Shannon's Syracuse Visits

Chapter 49   British Invasion - Searchers & Animals Play Syracuse in 1964

Chapter 50   Rolling Stones First Visit Syracuse- Oct 30, 1965

Chapter 51   First Syracuse War Memorial Rock & Roll Shows 1956-57

Chapter 52   Rolling Stones Return to Syracuse - July 6, 1966

Chapter 53   WOLF Radio Super Dances 1975-77

Chapter 54   Ten Famous Names Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1861-1905

Chapter 55   Famous Names Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1950-56

Chapter 56   Biggest Show of Star 1957 Review

Chapter 57   More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1916-1929

Chapter 58  More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1906-1915

Chapter 59   Do You Remember  1959-69 Syracuse Radio Hits ?

Chapter 60   Buddy Grealy Band

Chapter 61   Question- Ron During Your 40+ Years in Syracuse Music,
                     What are Your Top Ronnie James Dio Moments ?

Chapter 62   Clark Music Co. (1859- 2012), Syracuse Music icon closes it doors.

Chapter 63   Mark Bialczyk - "His Dedication Has No Bounds".

Chapter 64   Hall of Fame Fiddle King - Hal Casey Passes Away, Jan 17, 2012

Chapter 65   Women in Syracuse Music History 1950's- present. (Update 10/27)
                    Major listing of Women who contributed to our Syr Music success

Chapter 66   Sad to report the death of our friend Jean Gerber (Gerber Music)

Chapter 67   David "Rock" Feinstein Inducted into Syracuse Area Music Awards
                     Hall of Fame. Induction speech by Ron Wray - Nov 14, 2011.

Chapter 68    Syracuse Area Music Awards (SAMMYS) - Hall of Fame Inductees,
                     Lifetime Achievement & Music Educators Award winners. (1993-pres)

Chapter 69    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1958-1959)

Chapter 70    Rock & Roll movies hit Syracuse theaters (Loews State, Paramount,
                       R.KO. Keiths, Loews Strand, North & Salina Drive-In, others)
                       ( listing still in process)

Chapter 71    Syracuse Area Music Awards "Hall of Fame" Class of 2013.
                     Inducted on March 7, 2013 at Dinosaur Bar B Que
                     (Update- Ron Wray's induction speech of "The Seven')

Chapter 72   "New Dio" products to hit market on May 28 (DVD, Blu Ray, Cd, Vinyl)

Chapter 73   "The Madisons"/ "Billy Kidd & The Madisons" includes Chuck Roberts,
                      Johnny Whipple, Carl Irvine, Terry Golden, Jimmy Foran (1960-66)

Chapter 74    The History of Syracuse Music Album /Cd series celebrates 42+ years
                     since snowy December 1970. Here's who was there at the beginning

Chapter 75    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1960)
                     (updated- see Chapter 104)

Chapter 76    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1962)

Chapter 77    Utica's famed "Mouseketeer" Annette Funicello dies at age 70.

Chapter 78    Jack Belle- "Mr Concert"  His concerts and professionalism brought
                      us to a new high". His concert list is amazing..

Chapter 79   "Rockin the Redhouse" Benefit Event @ Palace Theater- May 31, 2013

Chapter 80   More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1963).

Chapter 81    Passing of Syracuse R&B great "Little" Willie Gatewood,at  age 75

Chapter 82    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1964)

Chapter 83   More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1965)

Chapter 84 - New Dio "Magica" Deluxe Edition 2 Cd set & Just Joe's new Cd
                    "So The Story Goes" highlights June releases

Chapter 85 - David "Rock" Feinstein New CD "Clash of Armour" released
                    The Rods get ready to rock Brazil in July.

Chapter 86 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1966)

Chapter 87 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1967)

Chapter 88 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1968)

Chapter 89 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1969)

Chapter 90 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1970)

Chapter 91 - Three Syracuse Area Music Hall of Famers (SAMMY's) release Cd's-
                     Mark Doyle & The Maniacs, David "Rock" Feinstein and the band
                     The Seven (Chuck Mellone, Chuck Sgroi, Chuck Wheeler, Frank Sgroi,
                     Russo, Al Ruscito, Tommy Forest).

Chapter 92 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1971)

Chapter 93- More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1972)

Chapter 94- More Famous People Who Performed in CNY (1973)

Chapter 95- Two great Central New York artists release super Cds in July
                    JUST JOE & FULTON CHAIN GANG.

Chapter 96-  The Rods - Live video's hit the internet- Hurricane Sandy Benefit
                     May 11, 2013  & "New" complete set video from Brazil- July 28, 2013.
                     Rods are- David "Rock" Feinstein, Carl Canedy & Garry Bordonaro

Chapter 97-  More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1974)

Chapter 98 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1975)

Chapter 99-  NIJI Entertainment releases  "New" Ronnie James Dio "Snapshot"
                     10-track Cd (6 Live) on Tuesday, August 20

Chapter 100 - From the Sidewinders to Jam Factory. From playing the SU Campus,
                       signing with EPIC Record and playing the famed Fillmore West

Chapter 101- More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1976)

Chapter 102 - Two Former ELF Members "Rock" Feinstein & Mickey Lee Soule
                       Still Touring The World

Chapter 103  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1961) update

Chapter 104  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1960) update

Chapter 105  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1959) update

Chapter 106  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1958) update

Chapter 107  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1957) update

Chapter 108   Three New 8MM Videos of Ronnie Dio & The Prophets found.

Chapter 109   Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1956)

Chapter 110   The Rods "Vengeance" Album released on 12 inch colored vinyl
                       in Germany by High Roller Records. Includes - Dio track.

Chapter 111   Upbeat TV Show out of Cleveland featured many CNY Artists
                       Ronnie Dio & Prophets, Larry Santos, The Seven, Wool, etc

Chapter 112   Passing of Rock Hall of Famer & SU Alumni- Lou Reed at 71
                        Former Syracuse University grad, musician and music legend.

                        For more on Lou Reed, also see Chapter 14, SU Music Influences.

Chapter 113    Syracuse Area Music Awards Announce 2014 Dates for Awards
                        Show & Hall of Fame Event.

Chapter 114    The Emeralds 1955-58 
Chapter 115    Dio at Dominos LP (Released  by JOVE Records in 1963)
                        Ronnie Dio & The Prophets, LP  song listing & liner notes
Chapter 116    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1976)

Chapter 117    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1977)

Chapter 118    Native Syracusan artist / producer Chris Goss "Sound City- Real To
                      Reel" Soundtrack nominated for 2014 Grammy Award. Cd includes
                      Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield & others.
Chapter 119    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1978)
                        Includes Frank Sinatra, The Police, Bruce Springsteen, Santana etc

Chapter 120    Everly Brothers first visit Syracuse September 16, 1957, then return
                       four other times. Plus a stop near by at the Turning Stone Casino.                  

Chapter 121   Mark Doyle's many musical talents continues to make CNY a better
                       place to live (Career update)

 Chapter 122  Syracuse Area Music Awards 2014- Hall of Fame & Award Show
                      Dates, Show times and information..March 6-7.

                      March 6- Sammys Hall of Fame Induction & Special Awards
                                        held at Dinosaur Bar B Que- Syracuse, NY

                      Sammys- Syracuse New Times- "Lifetime Achievement Award to-
                       Ronnie James Dio

                      Sammys- Music Educator Award to- John Spillett

                      Sammys Hall of Fame- Flashcubes, Art Robins, Gerber Music,
                      Tiffault Family, Homel-Alaniz Band

                       MC- Dave Frisina ("The Rebel")

                      March 7- Sammys Award Show -Palace Theater-Syracuse, NY
                         Live band performances & Awards

                        Live Bands who performed-
                                 Brownskin Band, Mike McKay Band, The Goonies
                                 Pale Green Stars,
                                 Flashcubes (Reunion) w/ special guest Tom Kenny

                          MC- Skip Murphy

Chapter 123     Syracuse Area Music Awards- Results from Palace Theater 3/7

Chapter 124     Ronnie James Dio "Lifetime Achievement Award" sponsored by the
                        Syracuse New Times. Induction speech given by Ron Wray at
                        SAMMYs Awards Hall of Fame event the evening of March 6

Chapter 125    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1979)

Chapter 126    Jim O'Brien  "34 Year Syracuse Radio Legend"  (Coming Soon)

Chapter 127   Coming soon...Edna May Pettie (1878-1948) Syracuse actress-
                       Broadway, London Stage and Motion Pictures.




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Jan 2, 1979            Sparrow (Rick Cua)                               Poorhouse North

Jan 5-6                   Alligators                                                Stage East

Jan 7, 1979             805 (Dave Porter)                                 Grape & Grog

Jan 12, 1979           Out of the Blue (Skip Murphy)              South Gate Inn

Jan 19, 1979           George Thorogood                              Stage East

Jan 25, 1979           Sandy Bigtree Band                             Mohawk C.C.

Jan 25, 1979           Moss Back Mule Band                         OCC

Jan 26, 1979           The Outlaws                                         Landmark Theater

Jan 26, 1979            Romantics                                           Firebarn Tavern

Jan 27, 1979            Paul Anka                                            Landmark Theater

Feb 3, 1979             Southside Johnny                                 Landmark Theater

Feb 9, 1979             Kentucky Moon                                 LeMoyne College

Feb 15, 1979           Johnny Winter                                     Uncle Sam's
                                Alec Star

Feb 22, 1979           805                                                     Uncle Sam's

Feb 23, 1979           Good Rats                                          Stage East
                                The Rage

Feb 27, 1979           C.R.A.C.                                           Space Odyssey

Feb 27, 1979           The Kinks                                          LeMoyne College

Mar 1, 1979             Styx                                                   War Memorial

Mar 9, 1979            Wolfman Jack                                     Drumlins
                                Easter Seals Disco

Mar 15, 1979          Alec Star                                             OCC

Mar 16-17               Alligators                                             Stage East

Mar 27, 1979           The Police                                          Uncle sams

Apr 2, 1979              Rush                                                  Rush

Apr 6, 1979              Kid Slick                                           Poorhouse North

Apr 16, 1979            Dead Ducks                                       Firebarn Tavern
                                 Pop Tarts

May 2, 1979             Harry James Band                             Castaways

May 17, 1979           Beach Boys                                       War Memorial

May 23, 1979            Kinks                                               Landmark Theater

May 24, 1979            Joe Jackson                                     Uncle Sam's

May 29, 1979            Eric Clapton                                     War Memorial
                                  Muddy Waters

June 8, 1979              John Mooney                                    Jabberwocky

June 14, 1979            Link Wray & Spiders                        Landmark Theater

June 17, 1979            New York Flyers                              Poorhouse North

June 30, 1979            Bad Company                                  War Memorial

July 4, 1979              Ramones                                          Uncle Sams

July 6, 1979              Doug Henning- Magic Show             Landmark Theater

July 13, 1979            Marshall Tucker Band                       War Memorial

July 15, 1979             Ferlin Husky                                    NYS Fair Grand
                                  Tommy Cash
                                  Moss Back Mule Band

July 20, 1979             Melba Moore                                  Landmark Theater
                                  Lou Rawls

Aug 17, 1979             George Carlin                                   Landmark Theater

Aug 25, 1979             KC & Sunshine Band                       NYS Fair

Aug 26, 1979             Steve Martin                                     NYS Fair

Aug 27, 1979             Kenny Rogers                                   NYS Fair

Aug 28, 1979             Bob Hope                                         NYS Fair

Aug 29, 1979             Charlie Daniels Band                         NYS Fair
                                   Tanya Tucker

Aug 31, 1979              The Rods (Rock Feinstein)                Slide Inn

Sept 12, 1979             Ethal Merman                                    Civic Center

Sept 17, 1979             Edgar Winter                                      Stage East

Sept 21, 1979            The Rods                                           Poorhouse North

Oct 21, 1979              Penn & Teller                                    Landmark Thaeter

Oct 25, 1979              Bonny Raitt                                       Landmark Theater

Oct 26, 1979              The Jackson World Tour                   War Memorial
                                   (Michael Jackson)

Nov 1, 1979               Pat Benetar                                       Stage East
                                   David Werner, Mark Doyle

Nov 8, 1979               David Brumberg                               Stage East
                                   Out of the Blue

Nov 9, 1979                Tall Dogs (Earl Ford)                       Firebarn Tav

Nov 9, 1979                The Rods                                        Country Tavern

Nov 15, 1979              Parliament / Funkadelic                      Landmark Theater
'                                   (George Clinton)

Nov 16, 1979              Todd Rundgren & Utopia                 Landmark Theater

Nov 18, 1979              Steve Morris & Dixie Dreggs            Jabberowocky

Nov 24, 1979              Cab Calloway                                   Landmark Theater

Nov 27, 1979             Meatloaf                                            Landmark Theater

Nov 30, 1979              George Thorogood                            Landmark Theater

Dec 2, 1979                Gordon MacRae                               War Memorial
                                    Syr Symphony Orchestra

'Dec 15, 1979              Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow           Landmark Theater
                                     Ronnie Montross

Dec 27, 1979              The Works                                     Poorhouse North

Dec 31, 1979               Pat Benetar                                    USA Sams


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2014 -Syracuse Area Music Awards - Syracuse New Times  "Lifetime Achievement Award". Note- this award is the highest honor one can received from our CNY Music Community.


SAMMY's MC- Dave Frisina intros Bill Brod Syracuse New Times owner-publisher who sponsored  this award.  Bill says a few words about the long relationship the New Times has had with the Sammys Awards and that shortly the New Times would be going to a new publishing format..part newspaper part magazine. Bill then announced that Ronnie James Dio's family and friends have requested that Syracuse Music Historian Ron Wray make this presentation and induction this evening  (Ron Wray enters stage to podium)


## First I would like to thanks Ronnie James Dio's family and friends for allowing me to make this historic presentation this evening.

To everyone of us Ronnie James Dio's career may mean something different. To some of us, Ronnie was family, other a friend, a bandmate, a neighbor, lead singer of The Redcaps, Prophets, Electric Elves, Elves, ELF, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and of course DIO.

I first met Ronnie back in 1963 and his musical relationship with Syracuse lasted close to 50 years. From 3 Rivers Inn, Sports O Rama, Yellow Balloon, Brookside, War Memorial, Landmark Theater to the largest stages and arenas in the world as he performed in over 41 different countries.

A truly amazing singer who easily could have been performing in Las Vegas, but lucky for us, he chose the Rock & Roll path.

A fantastic recording career with many awards, gold & platinum albums and selling over 41+ million recording. Ironically a new Ronnie James Dio Cd tribute will be released by Rhino Records on April 1, 2014, featuring Metallica, Motorhead & some of the biggest names in the music industry.

I've invited some of Ronnie's family and special bandmates to join me on stage this evening..

 I'd like to introduce- his son, a good friend to the Syracuse Music community- Dan Padavona

David "Rock" Feinstein- SAMMY'S Hall of Famer and Ronnie's cousin who teamed with Ronnie in the Elves, ELF and played on Ronnie's final recording "Metal Will Never Die" and is currently still tours the World with The Rods.

Mickey Lee Soule - great keyboardist and member of ELF & Rainbow and is still touring the World with Deep Purple.

Dick Bottoff - longtime Dio guitarist with both Ronnie Dio & The Redcaps & Prophets..

Jim Pantas - famed Dio & The RedCaps & Prophets manager and brother of the guitar great Nick Pantas who was Ronnie's best friend and started there very first band together in 1958.

Also would also like to mention some of Ronnie's special friends who are with us this evening- Harold Hyde, Carl Canedy, Ron Kaussner & "Mr 805" Dave Porter.

If I have any regrets in my music career, one would be that Ronnie is not here this evening to enjoy this great Central New York salute.

We will end this great evening with Ronnie's own words that he spoke to me in one of our last interviews- "Ron it was a pleasant surprise for me knowing I was going to speak to you and to Syracuse."

"The best to everybody there. Gold bless for being as nice to me as they have been and in a great way making all this possible for me" (Ronnie James Dio).

It is my great honor to welcome the great Ronnie James Dio into the Syracuse Area Music Hall of Fame by honoring him with our highest honor- the Syracuse NewTimes "Lifetime Achievement Award"

(Ron Wray then presents the SAMMY to David "Rock" Feinstein & Dan Padavona, who both say a few words)

Ron then intro's longtime manager Jim Pantas who managed Ronnie's first band back in 1958. (Jim says a few words and tell a quick story about become Ronnie first band manager)...

Ron then  invites back SAMMY's MC- Dan Frisina who ends this historic evening....

Many photos are taken of all on stage. Pantas, Bottoff, Soule, Feinstein, Padavaona & Wray.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Results of the Syracuse Area Music Awards presented March 8 at the Palace Theater

Best Pop-    Sir Magnus

Best Country-   Mike Fury & Midnight Moonshine

Best Jazz-     Jesse Collins Band

Best Hip-Hop-   Tall Bucks

Best Blues-    Mark Doyle & Maniacs  "Pushin"

Best R&B-    Erika Lovette

Best Metal-    Era

Best Americana (Tie)  Ruddy Wells Band
                                      Loren Barriger & Mark Mazengarb

Best Alternative-   4 Point 0

Best Rock-   Elephant Mountain

Best Recording Other Styles-  Duo L'Adour

People's Choice - Best Artist-   Buddy Well Band

People Choice- Best Venue -    Shifty's

Brian Bourke Award- Best New Artist -  Rabbit in the Rye

Founder Award  -    The Madisons

Live Music Performances
          Mike McKay Band
          Brownskin Band
          The Goonies
          Pale Green Stars
          Flashcubes (Reunion w/ special guest Tom Kenny)

2014 Sammys Hall of Fame Class
         The Flashcubes (Freany, Lenin, Armstrong, Allen)
         Gerber Music
         Homel-Alaniz Band
        Art "Legs" Robins
        Tiffault Family (Sox, Mark, Lee & Suzanne)

2014- Sammys "Music Educator Award"-

         John Spillett

2014 Sammys "Lifetime Achievement Award

         Ronnie James Dio

MC-  Sammys Hall of Fame 3/6   - Dave Frisina

MC-  Sammys Awards Show 3/7  - Skip Murphy

Friday, February 28, 2014


We started this Syracuse Music History search over 43+ years ago. I would like to thank the following who have dedicated hundreds of hours helping me collect information, photos, bios, posters, records, Cd's, cassettes,, 8 track tapes, live recordings, artwork, giving interviews and sending items from all over the world. Thanks for making the History of Syracuse Music Story what it is today - Ron Wray.

Very special thanks to the one guy who's put up with all the craziness through 43 years, almost every day, my great friend Pete Shedd. Also to research expert John D'Angelo, computer web-tech Jessica Amidon and Kate Kolb.

History of Syracuse Music "Official Site" now at 73,249 hits to 107 different countries around the world. 

PS- Still working on our History of Syracuse Music "Official" Book project now over 5,432 pages and that's not including photos.

Very Special Thanks to:

Chet Andrews, Chris Baker, Don Barber, Jack Belle,  Charlie Bertnii, Mark Bialczyk, Sandy Bigtree, Jack O Bocchino, Don Bombard (Bob Shannon), Garry Bordonaro, Dick Bottoff, Brian Burke, Carl Canedy, Guy Capone, Howie Castle, Chuck Cavallaro, Jimmy Cavallo, Jeff Chappelle, Dick Clark, Bobby Comstock, Bobby Comstock Jr,  Rick Cua, John D'Angelo, Michael Davis, George Day, Dean Brothers (John, Bob, Peter), Ronnie James Dio, Wendy Dio, Mike Donohue,  Mark Doyle, Gary Dunes, Dan Elliott, Jim Falsey, David "Rock" Feinstein, Denise Feinstein, Mike Ferrante, Jan Fetterly, "Big Mike" Fiss, Debbie Foley, Tim Fox, Gary Frenay, Dave Frisina, Rick Gary, Bill Gerber III, Jeff Gersbacher, Nancy Gersbacher, Joe Glisson, Lee Goodman, Chris Goss, Bobby Green, Mike Greenstein, Holly Gregg, Dave Hanlon, Todd Hobin, Mark Hoffmann, Tim Huppman (Rick Ryder), Art Judge, John Kane, Jenna Kenyon, T.J. Kenyon. Sean Kirst, Joe LaGuardia, Ronnie Leigh, "Dandy" Dan Leonard, Bob Lindberg, Sue MacKay, Skip Murphy, Dave Murray, Dave Novak, Liz Nowak, Jim O'Brien, Dan Padavona, Mickey Palumbo, Jim Pantas, "Little Jan" Perolla, Gary Podsiedlik, Dave Porter, David Rezak, Dave Ridgeway, Nick Russo, Tom Rozzano, Joe Sawmiller, Dean Schachtel, Chuck Sgroi, Paul Shedd, Pete Shedd, Stephen Shedd, Bob Sherman (Bob Lowry), Jim Sims, Mickey Lee Soule, Carol Thoryk-O'Leary, Stacey Waterman, Bill Weiss, Joe Whiting, Jack Wolak, Al Wolf  and the "Official" Ronnie James Dio Fan & Facebook pages & NIJI Entertainment Group.

Thanks also to:

Colin Aberdeen, Jack Abert, Donna Acchione, Glenn "Gomez" Adams, Marc Albert,  Marv Albert, Tommy Allen, Joe Altier, Sam Amato, Andy Anderson, Tim Anthony, Larry Arlotta, Paul Armstrong, Frank Arrigo, Jimmy Ashby, Buke Babikian, Bob Baggett, Barry Baker, Bill Baldwin, Billy Baldwin, Bud Ballou, Sam Barone, Loren Barriger, Kevin Barriger, Rick Barry, Howie Bartolo, Lloyd Baskin, John Beardsley,  Jeff W. Beck, Steve Becker, Ron Bee, Greg Belinski, Tink Bennett, Mary Bigtree, Len Bilotti, Bernie Binnick (Swan Records), Ron Bloom, Gary Branch, Frank Brandon, Alan Braum, Lafayette Breland, Julie Briggs, Steve Brodie, Peter Brohl, Brouther Vic, Bill Brown, Bob Brown, Dave Brown,  Don (Ryan) Brown, John Brown, John T. Brown, Dominick Bruno, Dave Bullard, Mike Burke, Rolland Burnett, John Cadley, Carl Cafrarelli, Victoria Calandra, Jerry Cali, Mike Campbell, Cresenzo Capece Jr, Nick Caplan, Eric Cappotto, Rock Carbone, Herm Card,  Bill Carey, John Carucci, Mike Casale. Felix Cavalierre, Jon Celi, Chuck Chao, Rick Charles (Yacobush), Rick Chisholm, Dan Christy, Skip Clark, Bernie Clarke, Tim Cleary, Donna (Brohl) Cochran, Len Colella, Stan Colella, Augusto Collacchi, Debbie Condon, T.J. Condon, Bill Cooper, Mark Copani, Steve Corey, Tom Corradino,  Joe Couch, Tom Coulter, Bob Couse, Ashley Cox, Jimmy Cox,  Fred Crittela, Bussy Cua, Rick Cua, Curtis,  Frank Cutri

Baron Daemon (Mike Price), Phil Dallesandro, Billy Davidson, Joe Davoli,  Desiree Day, Tom DeAmbra, Kevin Dean, Kal Dee, Kent DeFelice, Joe DeFio, Frank DeFonda, Dick Deline, Jim Deline, Joe DeMaso, Joe DeMaio, John Denega, Gary Dennis, Ron DeRollo, Pat DeSalvo, Maria DeSantis, Mike Desnoyers, John Diano, Chick DiCosmo, Jack DiLauro, Rocco DiMento, Dan Dishaw, Scott Dixon, Joe Donelan, Mike Donohue, Dale Dorman, Kevin Dorsey, Liz Lanza Doyle, Gary Driscoll, Dan Dunn, Bill Dutch, Mike Easterly Dan "Cato" Eaton, Billy Elmiger, Tom Emmi, Bob English, Joe English, Paul Fairbanks, Jennifer Falco, Don Familo, Vince Faraoni, Donnie Farrington, Frank Farnsworth, Charlie Featherstone, Mike Featherstone, Frank Feinstein, Nancy Fetterly, Kim Fetters, Conan Fioramonti, Todd Fitzsimmons, Herb Flower, Jimmy Foran, Don Forbes, Tommy Forrest, Craig Fox, Ron France, Alan Frank, Sam Furco, Mick Fury, John Gabriel, Joe Galuski, Matt Gee, Mike Gentile, Lisa Gentile, Dave Gersony, Howard Gersony, Mark Gibson, Dave Gnatowski, Gary Goal, Maury Goldberg, Terry Golden, Mike Goss, Dan Green, Mimi Griswold, Kurt Grow. Gary & Ed Grudynski.

Isreal Hagan,  Marcia Hagan, Sylvestor Hagan, Garry Hall, John T. Hall, Bob Halligan Jr, Ed Hamell, Earl Hamilton.  Nanci Hammond, B.J. Hayes, Mike & Eileen Heagerty,  Peter Heitzman, Pete Hennessy, Tim Herron, Duane Hitchings, Jerry Hludzik (The Buoys),  Shawn Hobin, Bob Hodge, Jack Holton, Bob Holz, Tom Honan, Fred Horton, Tom Hosmer, Larry Hoyt, Harold Hyde, Earl Irons, Carl Irvine, Paul Iskander, Greg Italiano, Mike Jachles, Greg Jackson Ron Jarman, Joe Jewell, Jimmy Johns, Jeff Jones, Mike Julian, Juan Junco, Mark Kalsuga, Joel Kane, Lou Kaplan,  Ron Kaussner, Irving Kaufman, Ron Keck (SubCat Studio), Tapio Keihanen, Nancy Kelly, Pete Kennedy, Tom Kenny, George Kilpatrick, Phil Kline, Evan Knight, Bill Knolton, Keith Kobland, John Kokot, Kate Kolb, Jack Kreischner, Jeff Kulikowsky (WSYR TV), Dave Laird, Phil Lambrinos, Arthur Lane, John Latocha, Jeff Laurence, Gary Lavancher, Freddie Lawrence, Kim Lembo, Arty Lenin, Joe Leo, Carman Liberatone, Tony Licameli, Carman Licatra, Dave Liddy, Jack Lipton, Rocky Lockhart, Bob Lorenz, Wilma Ling, Larry Luttinger

Gordon MacRae, Joel Mackey, George Madigan, Jack Maheu, Frank Malfitano, Doug Mancabelli, Vince Mangiamelli, John Mangicaro, Harold Mantor, Steve Marcone, Phil Markert, Syd Marshall,  Don Martell,  Dave Martin, Don Martin, Mike Martineau, Dick Mastriano,, Elliott Mattice, Todd Mattraw, Nick Mazza, Ed McBarron, Steve McCord, Gael McGear, Pete Mckay, Mike McKay, John McKenna, Pete McMahon, Dave McQuillan, Chuck Mellone, Karen Michaels, Melissa Midgeley, Brian Miles, Brian Mingle, Terry Mingle, Bob Mitchell, Bernie Milton, Miss E, Jeff Moleski, Doug Moncrief, Kim Monroe, Spencer Montague, Larry Monty, Jerry More, Brandon Morse. Jack Morse, Sandra Morse, Dave Moziak, Rick Mozzo, Terry Mulhauser, Tip Munger, "Austin" Jimmy Murphy, Ed Murphy, Dick Murphy, Mark Murphy,

Mark Nanni, Tommy Nast,  Mickey Nicotra,  Jamie Notarthomas, Jon Notarthomas, Jess Novak, Charley Orlando, Harold Osborne "Oz", Beth Owens, Phil Owens, Patsy & Anne Padavona, Bob Papaleoni, Lonnie Park, Claude "Red" Parton, Dusty Pascal, Dave Pasternack, Tom Payne, Mike Reden, Alex Periales, John Periales, Dave Perkins, Joanne Troy Perry, Bob Perry, Bobby Petrella, Bill Pfohl, Chynna Phillips, Kaaren Pierce, George Plavocos, Jody Pucello, Penny Jop Pullus, Carl Pynn, Terry Quill,  Missy Ragonese (Miss E), Mike Ranger, Larry Rand, Leo Rayhill, Dave Reed, Dusty Rhodes, Hanna Richardson, Dave Ridgeway, Joe Riposo, Mike Riposo, Art "Legs" Robins, Charlie Robbins, Hal Robinson, Tim Robinson, Tex Roe, Tommy Rogers "George Rossi, Kimberley Rossi, Kathy Rowe, Susan Royal, Andy Rudy, Al Ruscito, Michael P. Ryan,  Rick Ryder (Tim Huppman),

Dave Salce, Billy Sanders, Tom "T.W." Saunders,  Bob Scarlota, Wendy Shoen, Cecile Scott, Lou Segreti, Larry Serifini, Frank Sgroi, Duke Shanahan, Chris Shaw, Dick Sheridan. Tom Shine, Wendy Shoen, Dom Shoudy, Tamaralee Shutt, Dennis Sick, Freddie Simmons, John Simone, Mike Sims, George "Bebo" Singleton, Jimmy Singleton, Mike Skowron, Curt Smith, Otis Smith, Taylor Smith, Dennis Snow, Dick Snyder, Jerry Sorn, David Soule, Ron Spencer, Dan Sperato, Steve Starmer, Rick Starmer, Scott Sterling, Dave Stevenson. Bill Storm, Ted & Shane Storto, Liz Stroedel, Fred Sweet,  Gael Sweeney.

Ian Taddeo, Russ Tarby, Jim Tate, Chris Taylor, Greg Tearney, Briuce Tetley, Doug Thaler, Ron Thompson, Lee Tiffault, Mark Tiffault, Sox Tiffault, Joe Toscano, Tom Townsley, Tony Trischka, Scotty Trudell, Tso, Alan Tyler. Andrew VanNorstrand, Meegan Voss, Mick Walker, Kat Walters, Rance Walters, Stacey Waterman, Gary Weeks, Mickey Vendetti, Randy Wenner, John West, Chuck Wheeler, John Whipple, Mark Wildrick,  Eric Will, Eddie Williamson, Scott Wilson, John Wisniewski, Billy Wolfe, Rod Wood, Howie Wyeth, Dave Yawman, Gregg Yeti, Mark Zane, Bob Zenter, Phil Zeppetello, Roger Zinszer.

Also To-
Syracuse New Times past & present (Jessica Novak, Mike Davis, Bill Brod, Art Zimmer, Joe Glisson), Onondaga Historical Association (Tom Hunter, Dennis Connors), Syracuse Area Music Awards (Liz Nowak, Debbie Foley), Walts Record Shop (Eddie & Gary), Jack Wolak's Rare Necessities,  Rise n' Shine Dinner, Blue Wave Productions (Greg Spencer), D.M.R. Enterprises (Stacey Waterman), Hollywood Restaurant- Cortland, Landmark Theater, PetCap Music (Guy Capone), Dayson Studio (George Day), Gerber Music Company (Bill Gerber III), Syracuse Blue Print (Rocky Lockhart), Post Standard Newspaper (Sean Kirst, Chris Baker).

Syracuse Radio Stations- WAQX- 95X, WFBL AM-1390, WHEN AM-620. WNDR AM-1260, WOLF (Skip Clark, Taylor Smith), WSEN 92.1 FM (Gary Dunes, Dick Mastriano, John Carucci, Diane Wade, Dan Elliott) WSYR AM 570 (Joe Galiski), WSYR Y-94 FM (Howie Castle, Tommy Nast), WZUN-Sunny 102 FM (Rick Gary, Mike Fiss), WXTL 105.9 "The Rebel" (Dave Frisina),  WYYY 94.5 FM (Kathy Rowe), The Dinosaur (WOLF-WNDR) 93.5 FM (Nick Caplan, Lee Goodman, Bob Brown, Taylor Smith, Craig Fox).

Syracuse Television Stations folks past & present- WCNY TV-24 (Pete MacKay, Bill Pfohl, George Kil;patrick), WSYR TV-9 & Bridge Street (Tim Fox, Rod Wood, Dave Bullard, Jim Campagnia, Carrie Lazarus, Chris Brandolino, Kaylea Nixon, Jeff Kulkowsky), WSYT TV-3, WTVH TV-5 (Ron Curtis), Time Warner Cable News 10 (Bill Carey) & Time Warner Cable (Bob Papaleoni),


Jack Abert, Fred Aboud, Sam Amato, Andy Anderson,  Larry Arlotta, Bud Ballou, Sam Barone, Jack Belle, Mary Bigtree, Brian Bourke, Lafayette Breland, George Brewer, Dominick Bruno, Ron Bruno, Hal Casey, Jeff Chappelle, Dick Clark, Stan Colella, Bob Couse, Freddie Critella,  Buz Cua, Ron Curtis (Izzo), Tom DeAmbra, Roosevelt Dean, Tom Dean, Kent DeFilice, Ray Delaney, Dick Deline, Jim Deline, John Diano, Ronnie James Dio, Bobby Doyle, Gary Driscoll, Nancy Duffy, Rev. Larry Ellis, Charlie Featherstone, Frank Feinstein, Don Forbes, "Jolly Rolly" Fowler, Jim Fricano, Dave Gersony, Gary Goal, Terry Golden, Art Goodwin, Dave Goodwin, Mike Goss, Ray Green, Kurt Grow, Dick Haggett, Fred Hart, Tom Haskell, Pete Hennessey, Larry Hoppen, Fred Horton, Carl Irving, Greg Italiano, Kelly James, Mark Kalsuga, Gordon Lavancher, 'Dandy Dan" Leonard, Myron Levy, Carman Liberatore, Gordon MacRae, Carl Mano, T. Sherman Marshall, Chuck Mellone, Bernie Milton, Mike Money, Larry Monty, Steve Moosburger (Holly Rock), Mozzo, Tip Munger, Al Nathan, Sal Nistico, Jim O'Brien, Patsy & Anne Padavona, Nick Pantas, Dave Pasternack, John Periales, Rick Plante, George Plavocos, Chris Powell, Lou Reed, Dave Ridgeway, Mike Riposo, Tex Roe, Nick Russo, Rick Ryder (Tim Huppman), Stephen Shedd, Jim Sims, George "Bebo" Singleton. Jimmy Singleton, Otis Smith, "Sox" Tiffault,  Pat  Turk, Steve Uehlin, Bruce Van Brocklin, Jimmy Van Heusen, Jay Walker (Joe Waston), Johnny Whipple, Limey Wickwire, Eddie Williamson, Billy Wolfe, Bob Yeager and the so many more.

Though the years there have been so many national artists & groups that have given time to help us with memorabilia, interviews, photos and just great stories to enhance our Syracuse Music history, here is a list of just a few.

Alice Cooper, Duane Allman, Sam Andrew (Big Brother) Vinnie Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), Rod Argent (Zombies), Billy Baldwin, Pete Bennett (Apple Records), Black Oak Arkansas (Jim Dandy), Garry Bordonaro (The Rods, Savoy Brown), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), James Brown, Brownsville Station (Cub Koda), The Buoys (Bill Kelly, Jerry Hludzik), Cactus, Carl Canedy, (The Rods), Canned Heat (Bob Hite, Henry Vestine), Freddie Cannon,  Felix Cavaliere,, Eric Clapton, Dick Clark,  Bobby Comstock, Rick Cua, Derek & The Dominoes, Neil Diamond,  Ronnie James Dio, Wendy Dio, Dion, Dale Dorman, Joe English, David "Rock" Feinstein (ELF, The Rods), Flaming Ember, Melvin Franklin (Temptations), Frijid Pink, Danny Goldberg, Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality & famed Producer), Guess Who (Jim Kolb),  Jimi Hendrix, Herman's Hermits,  Duane Hitchings, Iron Butterfly (Lee Dorman, Doug Ingle), James Gang,  Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson), Elton John (w/ Niger Olsson & Dee Murray), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Janis Joplin, Al Kooper, Alvin Lee (10 Years After), John Lennon, Johnny Maestro (Brooklyn Bridge, The Crests), Paul McCartney, Moody Blues, Bruce Morrow ("Cousin Brucie"), Cliff Nobles, Yoko Ono, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Norman Petty, Chynna Phillips (Wilson Phillips), The Presidents, Rascals (Gene Cornish, Felix Cavaliere), Rolling Stones,   Mitch Ryder, John  Sebastian,  Bob Seger,  Phil Spector, Steppenwolf (John Kay), Kate Taylor,   Three Dog Night (Danny Hutton, Norm Sneed), Johnny Tillotson,  Tiny Tim, Turtles (Mark Volman), Joe Walsh (James Gang, Eagles), Leslie West (Mountain),  The Who (Peter Townshend, Roger Daltry, John Entwistle, Keith Moon), Carl Wilson (Beach Boys), Stevie Winwood (Traffic, Blind Faith)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

SYRACUSE AREA MUSIC UPDATES- FEBRUARY 16, 2014... Passing of our friend Mike Casale

Very sad to report the passing of longtime CNY musician Mike Casale on Sunday February 16, 2014...We first remember Mike & Gary Sprague teaming in the duo "Neighborhoods Friends" for many-many years (18). Gary later shared the stage with Bobby Green & A Cut Above and most recently with Irv Lyons.  He was served as Office Manager at Beat Street Music. Mike Casale was a great friend and  will be missed by all of us in the Central New York Music Community.