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HISTORY OF SYRACUSE MUSIC "OFFICIAL SITE"- 184,177 VIEWS, 175 CHAPTERS GOING OUT TO 141 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD (Newest- Albania (10/10). Jersey (10/6), Grenada (8/30), Gambia (8/25).


Chapter A    Sending 100's of Thank You's.. out to the following for over 50 Years of
                     helping us tell the History of Syracuse Music Story - Ron Wray

Chapter 1    A Look Back to the 1950's

Chapter 2    WOLF Radio Sandman Serenade & Dick Clark

Chapter 3    The Early Years & Big Bands

Chapter 4    First Syracuse Radio & Television Broadcasts

Chapter 5    Jimmy Cavallo, Alan Freed & The Early 1950's

Chapter 6    The Jazz Influence- Mark Murphy, Chris Powell, Anna Marie & Others

Chapter 7    Dixieland, Sal Nistico & Mangione Brothers

Chapter 8   Birth of Syracuse Rock

Chapter 9    WNDR Radio, Dandy Dan Leonard, Rhythm Cadets, The Eldaros
                      Little Jan, Jeff and The Notes w/ Duane Hitchings

Chapter 10   Calm Before the Storm- Rock & Roll Loses Some of It's Biggest Stars

Chapter 11   Early 1960's - Part 1

Chapter 12   Early 1960's - Part 2
                      Ronnie Dio, Bobby Comstock, Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars

Chapter 13   Sam and The Twisters

Chapter 14   New Sounds, New Bands, Syracuse University Music Influences-
                     Felix Cavaliere, Lou Reed, Mike  Esposito & Garland Jefferies

Chapter 15   The Beatles & British Invasion, Mid 60's & Bud Ballou

Chapter 16   Bud Ballou Leaves, Dale Dorman Arrives

Chapter 17   Three Rivers Inn Nightclub 1934-2001

Chapter 18   Bobby Comstock, Alan Freed, American Bandstand
                    (Updated 11 /27/ 2016)

Chapter 19   John Lennon & Yoko Ono at the Everson Museum - 1971

Chapter 20   Jimmy Cavallo - Then & Now

Chapter 21   Howie Wyeth - From Sidewinders to Jam Factory

Chapter 22   50 Year Career of Jazz Great - Mark Murphy (Updated 2/22/2016)

Chapter 23   Sandy Bigtree & Bigtree Sisters

Chapter 24   Don Barber and The Dukes

Chapter 25   The Seven  (1969-1972) ** Updated**

Chapter 26   The Sermon  (1968-71)

Chapter 27   The Livin' Ennd (1967-1975)

Chapter 28   Ed Wool & the Nomads, Sure Cure, Pineapple Heard & Wool

Chapter 29   Great Record Stores in CNY 1950'S- 1980'S

Chapter 30   Suburban Amusement Park- Manlius, NY

Chapter 31   Ridgewoods are the roots of Dean Brothers, Joe Whiting, Mark Doyle,
                     Freewill & Jukin Bone

Chapter 32   Tex Roe- NYS Country Music Hall of Famer

Chapter 33   Dave Hanlon "Syracuse Hall of Fame Great" (Update 4/25/ 2014)
                    Hanlon a Sammy Hall of Famers was recently inducted into
                    the Rochester, NY Music Hall of Fame

Chapter 34   John Kane

Chapter 35   Irving Kaufman "Syracuse First Great Recording Artist 1914-1974

Chapter 36   Lloyd Baskin
                     (Updated Aug 22, 2016)

Chapter 37   Famous Names Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1940-45

Chapter 38   The WHO in Syracuse 1969 & 1981

Chapter 39   Jazz Great - Chris Powell and The Blue Flames

Chapter 40   Ronnie France a Hall of Fame Musician "Who Plays from the Heart"

Chapter 41   WOLF Radio Welcomes Led Zeppelin to Syracuse 1969 & 1971

Chapter 42  Jimi Hendrix in Syracuse- May 4, 1969

Chapter 43  Dan Elliott from SAMMY's to Doo-Wop Hall of Fame (Updated)

Chapter 44   Eric Clapton w/ Derek & The Dominoes with special guest Duane
                     Allman Play Syracuse - December 2, 1970

Chapter 45   Elvis Presley Performs in Syracuse - July 25 & 27, 1976

Chapter 46   The Vikings (1962) to Carmen Licitra and The Vikings (1963-67)

Chapter 47   Jimmy Van Heusen

Chapter 48   Del Shannon's Syracuse Visits

Chapter 49   British Invasion - Searchers & Animals Play Syracuse in 1964

Chapter 50   Rolling Stones First Visit Syracuse- Oct 30, 1965

Chapter 51   First Syracuse War Memorial Rock & Roll Shows 1956-57

Chapter 52   Rolling Stones Return to Syracuse - July 6, 1966

Chapter 53   WOLF Radio Super Dances 1975-77

Chapter 54   Ten Famous Names Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1861-1905

Chapter 55   Famous Names Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1950-56

Chapter 56   Biggest Show of Star 1957 Review

Chapter 57   More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1916-1929

Chapter 58  More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY 1906-1915

Chapter 59   Do You Remember  1959-69 Syracuse Radio Hits ?

Chapter 60   Buddy Grealy Band

Chapter 61   Question- Ron During Your 40+ Years in Syracuse Music,
                     What are Your Top Ronnie James Dio Moments ?

Chapter 62   Clark Music Co. (1859- 2012), Syracuse Music icon closes it doors.

Chapter 63   Mark Bialczyk - "His Dedication Has No Bounds".

Chapter 64   Hall of Fame Fiddle King - Hal Casey Passes Away, Jan 17, 2012

Chapter 65   Women in Syracuse Music History 1950's- present.
                    Major listing of Women who contributed to our Syr Music success
                     (Update 11/13//2016)
Chapter 66   Sad to report the death of our friend Jean Gerber (Gerber Music)

Chapter 67   David "Rock" Feinstein Inducted into Syracuse Area Music Awards
                     Hall of Fame. Induction speech by Ron Wray - Nov 14, 2011.

Chapter 68    Syracuse Area Music Awards (SAMMYS) - Hall of Fame Inductees,
                     Lifetime Achievement & Music Educators Award winners. (1993-pres)

Chapter 69    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1958-1959)

Chapter 70    Rock & Roll movies hit Syracuse theaters (Loews State, Paramount,
                       R.KO. Keiths, Loews Strand, North & Salina Drive-In, others)
                       ( listing still in process)

Chapter 71    Syracuse Area Music Awards "Hall of Fame" Class of 2013.
                     Inducted on March 7, 2013 at Dinosaur Bar B Que
                     (Update- Ron Wray's induction speech of "The Seven')

Chapter 72   "New Dio" products hit market on May 28 (DVD, Blu Ray, Cd, Vinyl)

Chapter 73   "The Madisons"/ "Billy Kidd & The Madisons" includes Chuck
                      Roberts, Johnny Whipple, Carl Irvine, Terry Golden, Jimmy Foran

Chapter 74    The History of Syracuse Music Album /Cd series celebrates 42+ years
                     since snowy December 1970. Here's who was there at the beginning

Chapter 75    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1960)
                     (updated- see Chapter 104)

Chapter 76    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1962)

Chapter 77    Utica's famed "Mouseketeer" Annette Funicello dies at age 70.

Chapter 78    Jack Belle- "Mr Concert"  His concerts and professionalism brought
                      us to a new high". Concert list is amazing..(Updated 12/19/ 2015)

Chapter 79   "Rockin the Redhouse" Benefit Event @ Palace Theater- May 31, 2013

Chapter 80   More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1963).

Chapter 81    Passing of Syracuse R&B great "Little" Willie Gatewood,at  age 75

Chapter 82    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1964)

Chapter 83   More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1965)

Chapter 84 - New Dio "Magica" Deluxe Edition 2 Cd set & Just Joe's new Cd
                    "So The Story Goes" highlights June releases

Chapter 85 - David "Rock" Feinstein New CD "Clash of Armour" released
                    The Rods get ready to rock Brazil in July.

Chapter 86 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1966)

Chapter 87 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1967)

Chapter 88 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1968)

Chapter 89 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1969)

Chapter 90 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1970)

Chapter 91 - Three Syracuse Area Music Hall of Famers (SAMMY's) release Cd's-
                     Mark Doyle & The Maniacs, David "Rock" Feinstein and the band
                     The Seven (Chuck Mellone, Chuck Sgroi, Chuck Wheeler, Frank Sgroi,
                     Russo, Al Ruscito, Tommy Forest).

Chapter 92 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1971)

Chapter 93- More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1972)

Chapter 94- More Famous People Who Performed in CNY (1973)

Chapter 95- Two great Central New York artists release super Cds in July
                    JUST JOE & FULTON CHAIN GANG.

Chapter 96-  The Rods - Live video's hit the internet- Hurricane Sandy Benefit
                     May 11, 2013  & "New" complete set video from Brazil- July 28, 2013.
                     Rods are- David "Rock" Feinstein, Carl Canedy & Garry Bordonaro

Chapter 97-  More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1974)

Chapter 98 - More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1975)

Chapter 99-  NIJI Entertainment releases  "New" Ronnie James Dio "Snapshot"
                     10-track Cd (6 Live) on Tuesday, August 20

Chapter 100 - From the Sidewinders to Jam Factory. From playing the SU Campus,
                       signing with EPIC Record and playing the famed Fillmore West

Chapter 101- More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1976)

Chapter 102 - Two Former ELF Members "Rock" Feinstein & Mickey Lee Soule
                       Still Touring The World

Chapter 103  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1961) update

Chapter 104  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1960) update

Chapter 105  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1959) update

Chapter 106  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1958) update

Chapter 107  Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1957) update

Chapter 108   Three New 8MM Videos of Ronnie Dio & The Prophets found.

Chapter 109   Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1956)

Chapter 110   The Rods "Vengeance" Album released on 12 inch colored vinyl
                       in Germany by High Roller Records. Includes - Dio track.

Chapter 111   Upbeat TV Show out of Cleveland featured many CNY Artists
                       Ronnie Dio & Prophets, Larry Santos, The Seven, Wool, etc

Chapter 112   Passing of Rock Hall of Famer & SU Alumni- Lou Reed at 71
                        Former Syracuse University grad, musician and music legend.

                        For more on Lou Reed, also see Chapter 14, SU Music Influences.

Chapter 113    Syracuse Area Music Awards Announce 2014 Dates for Awards
                        Show & Hall of Fame Event.

Chapter 114    The Emeralds 1955-58 
Chapter 115    Dio at Dominos LP (Released  by JOVE Records in 1963)
                        Ronnie Dio & The Prophets, LP  song listing & liner notes
Chapter 116    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1976)

Chapter 117    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1977)

Chapter 118    Native Syracusan artist / producer Chris Goss "Sound City- Real To
                      Reel" Soundtrack nominated for 2014 Grammy Award. Cd includes
                      Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield & others.
Chapter 119    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1978)
                        Includes Frank Sinatra, The Police, Bruce Springsteen, Santana etc

Chapter 120    Everly Brothers first visit Syracuse September 16, 1957, then return
                       four other times. Plus a stop near by at the Turning Stone Casino.                  

Chapter 121   Mark Doyle's many musical talents continues to make CNY a better
                       place to live (Career update)

 Chapter 122  Syracuse Area Music Awards 2014- Hall of Fame & Award Show
                      Dates, Show times and information..March 6-7, 2014

                      March 6- Sammys Hall of Fame Induction & Special Awards
                                        held at Dinosaur Bar B Que- Syracuse, NY

                      Sammys- Syracuse New Times- "Lifetime Achievement Award to-
                       Ronnie James Dio

                      Sammys- Music Educator Award to- John Spillett

                      Sammys Hall of Fame- Flashcubes, Art Robins, Gerber Music,
                      Tiffault Family, Homel-Alaniz Band

                       MC- Dave Frisina ("The Rebel")

                      March 7- Sammys Award Show -Palace Theater-Syracuse, NY
                         Live band performances & Awards

                        Live Bands who performed-
                                 Brownskin Band, Mike McKay Band, The Goonies
                                 Pale Green Stars,
                                 Flashcubes (Reunion) w/ special guest Tom Kenny

                          MC- Skip Murphy

Chapter 123     Syracuse Area Music Awards- 2014 Results from Palace Th  3/7

Chapter 124     Ronnie James Dio "Lifetime Achievement Award" sponsored by the
                        Syracuse New Times. Induction speech given by Ron Wray at
                        SAMMYs Awards Hall of Fame event the evening of March 6

Chapter 125    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY (1979)

Chapter 126    Jim O'Brien  "34 Year Syracuse Radio Legend"

Chapter 127    2014 "Rockin The Redhouse" Benefit Concert at Landmark Theater
                        April 25, 2014. Band performing, sponsors, 2014 Band Winner.

Chapter 128    Listing of Syracuse & CNY Record & Music Stores though
                        the years. (Updated- June 30, 2016)

Chapter 129   Great "British Invasion" Acts that played CNY in 1960's

Chapter 130    CNY World Music News-  Rods return from Spain Metal Fest
                       and Sweden Rock Festival of 78 bands.

                        New Dio Tribute 2 Lp set  to be released on RED Vinyl

Chapter 131     Career of Charlie Bertini & 30 Years of Apple Jazz Festival
Chapter 132      Dinosaur Radio's History of Syracuse Rock and Roll "Then and
                         Now" live music series at Pensabene's Rest 135 State Fair Blvd.
                          Syracuse, NY 13204 (between West Genesee & Hiawatha Blvd)
                         "New" 2015 updated schedule Feb - October 4, 2015

Chapter 133     Sad to report the passing of Syracuse Legendary Radio
                         Broadcaster Dale Dorman at age 71 in Tewksbury, Mass on
                        Oct 21, 2014. Short story here- you can see total updated career
                        on Chapter 16.

Chapter 134     National Record Store Day- November 28, 2014- Rhino
                         Records releases "New" DIO- "This Is Your Life" Limited
                         Edition 12 " Vinyl Picture Disc (5,500 copies only). This
                         tribute compilation also contain Side B-  'Live Tracks"- Neon
                         Knights, Rainbow in the Dark, Straight Through the Heart.
                         Along with tribute tracks by Anthrax, Halestorm and others.

Chapter 135    New Year's Eve 2014  Central New York- Happenings

Chapter 136    Syracuse Area Music Awards - 2015 Hall of Fame Class,
                       Lifetime Achievement and Music Educator Award Winners
                       Loren Barriger, Bobby Comstock, Chris Goss, The Works.
                       Lifetime Achievement Award- Jon Fishman.
                       Music Educator- David Rezak.
                      Plus- Listing of All 2015 Sammy Award Winners.

Chapter 137   Syracuse Area Music Awards- Bobby Comstock's Sammys
                       Hall of Fame Induction speech March 5th by Ron Wray

Chapter 138   Onondaga Historical Assn. open "New" Museum Exhibit "Salt
                      City Rock"- History of Rock N Roll in Syracuse - Feb 20, 2015

Chapter 139    Broadcasting Legend Ron Bee passes away- March 18, 2015

Chapter 140   Tony Trischka, Peter Asher, Jeff Alan Ross appear as surprise
                       special guests on History of Syracuse, Rock n Roll, "Then & Now"
                      live Creek Creek union show at Pensabene's Sunday April 12, 2015.
                      (Updated May 21)

Chapter 141    The Passing of Thomas M. Royal leader of 1950's vocal group
                        the Emeralds (1955-57)

Chapter 142    Dinosaur Radio History of Syracuse Rock n Roll  "Then and Now"
                       live shows reunites Sammy Hall of Famer The Sandy Bigtree  Band
                       May 31, 2015 at Penebene's. Also 20+ Syr musical great return.

Chapter 143    Ronnie James Dio- 5th Year Memorial Events to be held in Los
                       Angles, Ca-  May 15-17, 2015

Chapter 144   Loren Barriger honored by Jordan-Eldbridge High with "Graduate
                      of Distinction" award- May 27, 2015.

Chapter 145   Dio Day Cortland June 20, 2015- Ronnie James Dio Music
                      Scholarship Fund Concert- Saturday at J.M. McDonald Sports
                     Complex... 9 acts. Including The Rods, Cafferty Band, Timeline,
                     Blue Monday, Black & Blue (Austin & Schell), Sons of Sabbath

Chapter 146   Songs that Charted #1 on WOLF, WNDR, BIG 50 surveys on July 4
                       1959- 1988. Also CNY Music happening July 4.

Chapter 147   Say goodbye to Sports O Rama - Opened December 17, 1959

Chapter 148   WOLF-WNDR Radio celebrates 75th Anniversary with huge reunion
                       event on Saturday- August 8, 2015. Many greats return to Syracuse,
                       a total list of those attending provided.

Chapter 149   Passing of Walt's Record Shop GM/Operator Eddie Grudynski at 92

Chapter 150   Howie Wyeth Story- SU to the national music scene.

Chapter 151   Otis & The All Night Workers- Otis Smith, Lloyd Baskin, others

Chapter 152    "RESPECT"- CNY Celebrates Women in Music at "Sold Out"
                          Palace Theater- November 13, 2015

                          Also see Chapter 65- Women in Syracuse Music History-update

Chapter 153   Syracuse's Palace Theater Hosts - 'That Metal Show" w/ Eddie Trunk,
                      Jim Florentine & Don Jamieson- Saturday Night-  November 14, 2015

Chapter 154   Greg Spencer's Blue Wave Records Celebrates 30 years of great music
                      releases on December 27, 2015 at the Palace Theater.

Chapter 155 - Passing of FIVE more rock figures- Glenn Frey,  David Bowie,
                     Gary Loizzo, Dale Griffin & Troy Shondell.

Chapter 156    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY -1980

Chapter 157    More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY- 1981

Chapter 158   Syracuse Area Music Awards this week at Dinosaur Bar B Que (Hall
                      of Fame Inductions) also Awards Show at the Palace Theater- Mar 3-4.
                      (Updated) For Sammys Award winners see Chapter `162) 

Chapter 159   Syracuse Musicians win Top Awards- Hanlon, Nanni, Lyons Jr

Chapter 160    The Rods (Feinstein, Canedy, Bordonaro) hit the road touring
                       The Netherlands & Germany during April 2016

Chapter 161   More Famous People Who Performed or Spoke in CNY-1982

Chapter 162    Syracuse Area Music Award Winners at Palace Theater- 3/4

Chapter 163   Rockin the Redhouse Benefit event  hits the Landmark Theater on
                       Friday March 11, 2016 as 8 Bands perform- Results included..

Chapter 164   Sad loss of singer, actor, entertainer Franke Michaels 3/30/2016

Chapter 165    John Lennon's Sister & Mersey Beatles visits Syracuse  May 5th
Chapter 166   Another Beatles Visits & Performs in CNY- June 3, 2016-
                       Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band play new Lakeview Amphitheater.

Chapter 167    Two Great New Ronnie James Dio Box Sets released by Rhino W/ Br
                        The first a 6-Cd remastered Box (July 22, 2016), then a vinyl version
                        6 LP's Box w/ special 45 RPM included (October 3, 2016).

Chapter 168   Paul McCartney's "One on One" Tour rocks Washington's Verizon
                       Center , Aug 9, 2016 with Syracuse Music contingent watching.
                       Plus Joe English's tracks on new "Pure McCartney" 4 Cd package.

Chapter 169   More Famous People Who Have Performed or Spoke in CNY- 1983

Chapter 170    Brain Wilson along with  Herman's Hermits w/ Peter Noone rock the
                        New York  State Fair Aug 29, 2016.

Chapter 171   Ridgestock II 2016 at The Ridge in Chittenango, NY  brings together
                       50+ of  Central New Yorks greatest musicians to celebrate the music
                       of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Chapter 172     Wilkesbury Brigade Band- Celebrate 40 year reunion- Sept 25,
                         2016 at Pensabenes - Tommy Forest, Joe Rao, Mike Campbell,
                         Tim Cleary &  Warren Paschetto, taking the stage one more
                         time w/  Dave Novak and the  PartyNuts.

Chapter 173    Ladies Night at the Palace Theater- November 12, 2016, 18 very
                        talented and musically amazing women performed  One Night Only.

Chapter 174    Day all Broadcast Media joined together to aid the "March of Dimes"
                       at WNYS TV-9 - January 17, 1965

Chapter 175   Ronnie James Dio to be Inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal
                       History Hall of Fame- January 18, 2017 in Anaheim, CA


Chapter 65-   Women in Syracuse Music History- Update 11/13/2016
                      Major list of women who contributed to our music history A-Z            ..

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It was announced yesterday (December 6, 2016) that our great friend Ronnie James Dio  will be inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History -Hall of Fame on January 18, 2017. The ceremony will be held at the upcoming NAMM Convention in Anaheim, California. MC for this event will be Eddie Trunk. 

Other inductees will be Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Rudy Sarzo, Vinnie Appece, by the way all three Dio friends, along with Randy Rhoads, Don Airey, Andy Zilfjian, Frankie Banali and Ross "The Boss" Friedman.

More info will follow as this event gets closer. Congrats Ronnie ++++

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Just flashback a little over 50+ years ago back to January 17, 1965 the Syracuse Broadcast community came together in one cause. a variety aid the "March of Dimes". That day radio and television personalities joined forces in a 90-minute telecast on WNYS - TV 9 (now WSYR TV-9), starting at 5:30 PM.

The following performers were all presented by media and guest celebrities- Sam and the Twisters (Al Wolf, Jan Fetterly, Sam Amato & Mickey Palumbo), The Madisons (Jimmy Foran, Terry Golden, Carl Irving & John Whipple), Jamboree Boys, Bob Popyk, Dick Kowell and his Orchestra, Soda Ash Six, "Sox" Tiffault combo, The Four Closures, The Crestwoods, Mac Clafflin and his Country Rhythm Boys, New Techniques, famed vocalist Charlotte Hale, Franciscan Sisters, Men of Onondaga Singers, Banjos players from the Hutch House and some Polish Dancers,

Television personalities included WNYS TV-9's Baron Daemon (Mike Price), Red Parton, Phil Market, Charlie Featherstone and Carl Eilenberg. Other station were represented by- Ed Murphy & Carol Johnson from WSYR, Deanne Parkhurst, Bill Fortune, Doug Webster and Brian Madden from WHEN. Dave Mann, Ted Downes, Lenn Allen, Jerry Sanders, Dave Barker , Sally Sample from WFBL Radio.

WOLF Radio AM 1490 represented by- Windy  Craig, Dale Dorman, Jim Sims and Don Lancer. WNDR Radio AM 1260 by Dandy Dan Leonard, Jim O'Brien, George Plavocas, and Count DeCreep (Fran McGrath). WQSR Radio by Stan Maziuk (the Polka King), Leo "Mr Jazz" Rayhill and Aubrey Williams, WSQR by Ray Boyce, Nick Sanches and  Ron Vener, 

Also on hand for this unique event was Ed Brown chairman of Syracuse's Local 1965 drive. Fans who contributed in advance could go to the station and meet the stars. As a bonus for those who contributed the equivalent of a ticket were given a ticket to the WNYS- TV-9's premiere next Thursday of "Mary Poppins". 

An amazing and historic time for a wonderful charity the "March of Dimes".

PS- Channel 9 did hold this event again on January 22, 1966 with media hosts Bud Ballou, Phil Market, Carl Eilenberg and other Syracuse media members from WOLF (Windy Craig), WNDR (Dan Leonard & Jim O'Brien) & WFBL along with great musical talents as Sandy Bigtree, Sam and The Twisters, All Night Workers w/ Otis Smith, Fallen Angels, Bobby Green, Si Simpson plus others.

Monday, October 17, 2016


One of those very special spectacular historic events was  held on November 12, 2016 "Ladies Night at the Palace Theater" in Syracuse, NY. at 7 PM  This packed event was a coming together 18+ of Syracuse's very-very talented musically gifted ladies who took the Palace Theater stage performing 26 songs for "One Night Only". Here is a list of those who performed...first the vocalists-

Ashley Cox, Donna Colton, Carolyn Kelly, Jess Novak, Joanna Jewett, Letizia, Lisa Romano, Joanne Troy Perry, Kate Kolb, Maureen Henesey, Moe Harrington, Susan Royal, Liz Friedich,  Robyn Stockdale, Kat Dooley- Wandersee, Tamaralee Shutt, Terry Bender and Anna Marle-Lopez White.

These ladies were backed up musically by talented Kristopher Heels, Chris Notarthomas, Frank Neubert and the great Jimmy Cox. During these performance others assisted musically they are- Bob Kane (drums), Liz Friedel (violin), Peg Newell (guitar), Tamaralee Shutt (trumpet), Melissa Gardener (trombone), Sam Patterelli (bass), Langston Masingale, 

Audio- Mike Angiolillo & Steve Schad.

Event MC- Amy Robbins

Produced by Red Shoes Black Bag Productions (Julie Briggs, Joanna Jewett).

Here's just a few of the many folks that came up to say hi that night- Julie Briggs, Jordan Davies, Mark Nanni, Kate Kolb, Tom Rozzano, Kate Dooley-Wandersee, Greg Gannett, Royce McMannis, there are many others.

Another in a long line of great Syracuse Musical Historical events. You all made our CNY Music scene proud. Congrats++++

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Wilkesbury Brigade Band was born in a small unheated garage in Liverpool, NY (just north of Syracuse_ in the spring of 1969, Always known for its steady beats and great hi-harmonies honed music during a great time in our Syracuse Music history those early 1970's.

Their original members included- Paul Bradbury (lead vocals), Tom Nelson (guitar), Joe Rao (organ), Gary Goal (bass) and Joe Maggio (drums).

Members changed frequently during those first two years. In 1972, Wilkesbury had the fine distinction of having of the finest vocalist in the land in the band together- Dan Elliot and Ronnie Leigh. Both are now member of the Syracuse Music Hall of Fame (SAMMYS). 

Beginning in 1972, this awesome band performed at the Poorhouse North on Old Liverpool Road for over 200 consecutive weeks. Including an all-time record of 756 fans on one warm summer night. Here's just a few more names that were band members during their great ride- Garry Jenkins, Bob Petta, Dave Sperra & Brian Meegan.

Wilkesbury Brigade celebrated its 40 year anniversary with a special one-night only live concert in front of a jam packed Pensabene's Casa Grande Rest on State Fair Blvd in Syracuse- September 25, 2016 (5-8 pm). As part of the Dinosaur Radio's History of Syracuse Rock n Roll 'Then and Now" Music series. Members taking the stage this special evening were together in Wilkesbury for the longest period, they are- Two time Sammys Hall of Famer- Tommy Forest (lead vocals), Mike Campbell (drums- formerly with The Alligators and currently tours with Tommy Roe), original member Joe Rao (keyboards), Tim Cleary (bass) and Warren Paschetto (guitar).

 Also taking the stage that evening was Sammy Hall of Famer- Dave Novak & The PartyNuts (John Dancks (another Sammy Hall of Famer) along with , Ed McBarron, J.T. Hall, Mike Kallet, Tom Link Dave Novak and special guest Dave Hanlon)

Roses were given to the first 100 ladies attending as well as digital download of the bands newest release.

The band finally separated in late 1975, with Tim Cleary joining "Loose' and later "Too Loose'. Mike Campbell left to become the new drummer for "The Alligators" later "Pretty Boy" before touring the country with Tommy Roe.

Through the years Wilkesbury Brigade was known for their incredible diverse song list. Thei set list included songs by the Beach Boys, Four Tops, Seals and Croft to a nearly 30-minute Beatle medley. More recently the band released its first Cd "Movin On" recorded a few years ago at the LeMoyne Manor. 

Can you imagine a band that had three of CNY's all-time greatest vocalist- Tommy Forest, Dan Elliott and Ronnie Leight. Well that was Wilkebury Brigade...

Friday, September 2, 2016


On August 27, 2016-  50++ of Central New Yorks Top Musicians gather to once again join forces to celebrate performing the music of the original Woodstock Festival held back in 1969 in Bethal, NY. This is the second year Jordan Davies has transformed the Ridge Golf Course in Chittenango, NY into the festivals ground. Event tickets were $25. I'm going to try and list here the following musicians who tool the stage-

Skip Murphy & The Merry Pranksters, The Barndogs, Grupo Pagan, Skip Murphy, Edgar Pagan, Charley Orlando, Kim Monroe & Chris Eves, Donna Colton & Sam Patterelli,, Loren Barrigar, Kevin Dean, Liz Friedel, Todd Fitzsimmons, Maureen Henesey , Mark Hoffman, Tim Robinson, Ron Spencer, Bernie Clarke, Ashley Cox, Mark Nanni, Dave Hanlon, Brian Golden. Mark Westers, Lisa Romano, Miss E, Wendy Ramsey, Butternut Creek Revival Band, Pearly Bakers Best, Andy Comstock, Sarah Hiltbrand, Eric Brown, George Newton, Mark Gibson, Mike Ranger, Sharon Allen, "Big D" Dave Schneider, Dave Liddy, George Devaney, Jeffrey "Pepper" Rogers, Joanna Nix Jewett, Kris Heels, Ronnie Leigh, Rick Chisholm, Nick Finley, Frank Neubert, Bill DiCosino, Wayne Stevens, Jose Verona, Riley Mahon, David Donley, Jim O'Mahoney, Rhonda Paduaro, Paul Davie and I'm sure there are a few names I may have missed, and will add soon....

Congrats goes out to the committee and staff for an amazing event....