Friday, September 22, 2017


Paul McCartney's One on One Tour rolled into Syracuse's Carrier Dome before over 35,000 +++ fans Saturday night September 27, 2017.

On a very hot Saturday 82 degree evening Sir Paul McCartney filled the jam packed Carrier Dome for one of Syracuse's  greatest concerts of All-Time.  His setlist below started at approx 8 PM finishing almost 3 hour later. Note- Carrier Dome's "Most Successful Concert" ever..

1. A Hard Days Night    2. Junior's Farm   3. Can't Buy Me Love   4. Jet,  5. All My Loving,  6. Let It Roll w/ Foxy Lady jam (talked about Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton), 7 I've Got A Feeling,  8. My Valentine (talked about Nancy),  9, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty- Five,  10. Maybe I'm Amazed (talked about Linda),  11. We Can Work It Out, 12. In Spite of All The Danger (talked about the Quarrymen days), 13. You Won't See Me, 14. Love Me Do,  15. And I Love Her, 16. Blackbird, 17. Here Today, 18, Queenie Eye, 19. New, 20. Lady MaDonna, 21. FourFire Seconds, 22, Eleanor Rigby, 23, I Wanna Be Your Man (talked about Keith Richard and Rolling Stones getting thsi song) 24, Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite, 25. Someting (Tribute to George), 26. A Day in the Live (talk Paul siad they almost never Do), 27, Give Peace A Chance (Tribute of John Lennon) 28. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da, 29, Band on the Run, 30. Back in the U.S.S.R. 31- Let It Be, 32- Live and Let Die, 33. Hey Jude

34. Yesterday, 35, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise), 36- Helter Skelter, 37. Birthday, 38. Golden Slumbers, 39, Carry That Weight. and ending with 40. The End

Available to purchase - One on One Programs, Tote bags, T-shirts (many diff), Coffee mugs, Beach Towels, arm bands and so much more. Just a great time had by all. We will talk about this McCartney show for years+++.

Some on Syracuse & CNY musics finest were seen in attendance- Gary LaVancher, Nick Caplan, Mike Ferrante, Ted & Shane Storto, Dave Novak, Ed McBarron, Mark Doyle, Frank DeFonda, Dale Randall, Pete McMahon, Liz Strodel, David Soule, Bob Kane, Dave Wellner, Todd Stiles, Kevin Farrell, Steve Becker, Joe Donelen, Holly Gregg, Gayle Sweeney, Robyn Stockdale, Jerry More, Greg Tearney, Chuck Scheile, Danielle Rausa, Amy Hebert, Sheela Tucker, Joe Altier, Paul Shedd, Garry Bordanaro, John Martellaro, Scotty Trudell, Jason Mudge, Andrew Frazo, Ron Wray, Sandy Bigtree, Paul Case, Gary Frenay, Arty Lenin, Paul Davie, Bob Halligan maybe a lot more but I didn't see you. 

Monday, September 11, 2017


I started my Syracuse Music History search on December 10, 1965 over 50 years ago and our History of Syracuse Music album series five years later.  I would like to thank the following who have dedicated hundreds of hours helping me collect information, photos, bios, posters, backstage passes, 331/3, 45, 78 rpm records, cylinders, Cd's, cassettes, 8 track tapes, live recordings, artwork, giving interviews, Video's (DVD's, Beta, VHS, Lazerdiscs) and sending and receiving items from all over the world. Thanks for making the History of Syracuse Music Story what it is today - Ron Wray.

Very special thanks to the one guy who's put up with all the craziness through 50+ years, almost every day, my great friend Pete Shedd.

To the great research expert John D'Angelo along with David Rezak, Jessica Amidon, Nick Caplan, Lee Goodman, Dave Novak, Bill Weiss, Don Shoudy, Mike Ferrante, Ted Storto, Frank Rhodes, Randy Kenyon, Greg Spencer, Joe Rao, Frank DeFonda and many other

History of Syracuse Music "Official Site" now at 250,939  hits to 149 different countries around the world. 

PS- Still working on our History of Syracuse Music "Official" Book project now over 6,609 pages and that's not including photos.

Very Special Thanks to:

Jessica Amidon, Chet Andrews, Chris Baker, Don Barber, Loren Barrigar, Jack Belle,  Charlie Bertini, Mark Bialczak, Sandy Bigtree, Jack O. Bocchino, Don Bombard (Bob Shannon), Garry Bordonaro, Dick Bottoff, Brian Burke, Carl Canedy, Nick Caplan, Guy Capone, John Carapella, Mike Carapella, Rick Carapella, Howie Castle, Chuck Cavallaro, Jimmy Cavallo, Jeff Chappelle, Dick Clark, Bobby Comstock, Bobby Comstock Jr,  Rick Cua, John D'Angelo, Michael Davis, George Day, Dean Brothers (John, Bob, Peter Dean), MaryAnn Deming, Pat DeSalvo, Ronnie James Dio, Wendy Dio, Mike Donohue, Mark Doyle, Gary Dunes, Dan Elliott, Bill Elmiger, Jim Falsey, Mike Featherstone, David "Rock" Feinstein, Denise Feinstein, Mike Ferrante, Jan Fetterly, "Big Mike" Fiss, Debbie Foley, Craig Fox, Tim Fox, Gary Frenay, Dave Frisina, Joe Gabriel, Rick Gary, Bill Gerber III, Jeff Gersbacher, Nancy Gersbacher, Joe Glisson, Lee Goodman, Chris Goss, Bobby Green, Mike Greenstein, Holly Gregg, Dave Hanlon, Todd Hobin, Mark Hoffmann, Tim Huppman (Rick Ryder), Art Judge, John Kane, Jenna Kenyon, T.J. Kenyon, Randy Kenyon, Sean Kirst, Kate Kolb, Joe LaGuardia, Gary Lavancher, Ronnie Leigh, Joe Leo, "Dandy" Dan Leonard, Bob Lindberg, Sue MacKay, John Mangicaro, Skip Murphy, Dave Murray, Mickey Nicotra, Dave Novak, Rod Novak, Liz Nowak, Jim O'Brien, Patsy & Anna Padavona, Mickey Palumbo, Jim Pantas, Dave Pasternack, Terry Pensabene, "Little Jan" Perolla, Gary Podsiedlik, Dave Porter, David Rezak, Frank Rhodes, Dave Ridgeway, Art Robins, The Rods,  Tom Rozzano, Nick Russo,  Joe Sawmiller, Dean Schachtel, Rick Schell, Chuck Sgroi, Paul Shedd, Pete Shedd, Stephen Shedd, Bob Sherman (Bob Lowry), Don Shoudy, Jim Sims, Mickey Lee Soule, Greg Spencer, Ted Storto, Carol Thoryk-O'Leary, Chris Tso, Stacey Waterman, Bill Weiss, Joe Whiting, Jack Wolak, Al Wolf  and the "Official" Ronnie James Dio Fan & Facebook pages & NIJI Entertainment Group.

Thanks also to:

Colin Aberdeen, Jack Abert, Donna Acchione, Glenn "Gomez" Adams, Marc Albert,  Marv Albert, Dave Alexander, Tommy Allen, Joe Altier, Sam Amato, Andy Anderson, Andy Andrews, Mike Andrews, Mike Angiolilio, Tim Anthony, Larry Arlotta, Paul Armstrong, Frank Arrigo, Jimmy Ashby, Dan Austin, Buke Babikian, Bob Baggett, Barry Baker, Larry Baker, Bill Baldwin, Billy Baldwin, Bud Ballou, Sam Barone, Brain Barrigar, Kevin Barrigar, Rick Barry, Howie Bartolo, Lloyd Baskin, Terry Beacham, John Beardsley,  Jeff W. Beck, "Stereo" Steve Becker, Ron Bee, Greg Belinski, Dick Belle, Dick Belle, Tink Bennett, Mary Bigtree, Len Bilotti, Bernie Binnick (Swan Records), Enrique Blanco, Ron Bloom, Teddy Boileau, Gary Branch, Frank Brandon, Alan Braum, Laura Brazak,  Lafayette Breland, Frank Briggs, Julie Briggs, Steve Brodie, Peter Brohl, Brouther Vic, Bill Brown, Bob Brown, Dave Brown,  Don (Ryan) Brown, Jerry Brown,  John Brown, John T. Brown, Mike Brown, Steve Brown (SubCat), Rolland Brunet, Dominick Bruno, Dave Bullard, Mike Burke, Rolland Burnett, Tim  Burns. .John Cadley, Carl Cafrarelli, Victoria Calandra, Jerry Cali, Mike Campbell,  Rock Carbone, Ron Caruana, Cresenzo Capece Jr, John Capazzolo, Eric Capotto, Dickie Capotto, Rock Carbone, Herm Card,  Bill Carey, Mike Carletta, Brian Carr,  John Carucci, Mike Casale. Paul Case,  Felix Cavalierre, Peter C. Cavanaugh, Jon Celi, Chuck Chao, Rick Charles (Yacobush), Rick Chisholm, Dan Christy, Skip Clark, Bernie Clarke, Tim Cleary, Donna (Brohl) Cochran, Len Colella, Stan Colella, Augusto Collacchi, Donna Colton,  Debbie Condon, T.J. Condon, Dennis Connors,  Bill Cooper, Mark Copani,  Steve Corey, Tom Corradino,  Roy Coston, Joe Couch, Tom Coulter, Bob Couse, Ashley Cox, Jimmy Cox,  Windy Craig, Karen Crego, Fred Crittela, Buzzy Cua, Nick Cua, Rick Cua, Ron Curtis,  Frank Cutri

Jacquie Dacey, Baron Daemon (Mike Price), Phil Dallesandro, Ronnie Dark, Billy Davidson, Jordan Davies, James K. Davis,  Tony "Oscar" Davis, Joe Davoli, Desiree Day, Tommy DeAmbra, Justin DeAmbra, Kevin Dean, Leila Dean, Kal Dee, Kent DeFelice, Joe DeFio,  Bill DeLapp, Dick Deline, Jim Deline, Bob Dell, Joe DeMaso, Joe DeMaio, John Denega, Gary Dennis, Ron DeRollo, Maria DeSantis, Mario DeSantis, , Mike Desnoyers, John Dettrich, Scott DeVaul, John Diano, Chuck DiCosmo, Jack DiLauro, Rocco DiMento, Dan Dishaw, John Dittrich, Scott Dixon, Joe Donelan, Mike Donohue, Kat Dooley-Wandersee, Dale Dorman, Kevin Dorsey, Liz Lanza Doyle, Gary Driscoll, Dan Dunn, Bill Dutch, Mike Easterly, Dan "Cato" Eaton, Tom Emmi, Bob English, Joe English, Mike Estep, Chris Eves, Paul Fairbanks, Jennifer Falco, Jimmy Falco, Tony Fallico, Don Familo, Vince Faraoni, Kevin Farrell, Donnie Farrington, Frank Farnsworth, Jeff Favallo, Charlie Featherstone,  Frank Feinstein, Nancy Fetterly, Kim Fetters, Conan Fioramonti, Ben Fiore, Jon Fishman, Don Fitzgerald,  Todd Fitzsimmons, Dave Flansburg, Herb Flower, Charrie Foglio, Jimmy Foran, Don Forbes, Earl V. Ford Jr., Tommy Forest, Ron France, Alan Frank, Dave Frateshi, Andrew Frazo, Sam Furco, Mick Fury, Joe Galuski,  Greg Gannett, Matt Gee, Mike Gentile, Lisa Gentile, Dave Gersony, Howard Gersony, Tom, Giamceuski, Mark Gibson, Dave Gnatowski, Gary Goal, Maury Goldberg, Terry Golden, John Goodwin, Jeffrey Gordon, Mike Goss, Austin Gravelding, Matt Gray, Dan Green, Garnett Grimm, Mimi Griswold, Kurt Grow. Keith Gruber, Gary & Ed Grudynski.

Isreal Hagan,  Marcia Hagan, Sylvestor Hagan, John Halko, Garry Hall, John T. Hall, Bob Halligan Jr, Bob Halstrom, Ed Hamell, Bobby Hamilton, Earl Hamilton.  Nanci Hammond, B.J. Hayes, Mike & Eileen Heagerty, Amy Hebert, Peter Heitzman, Tom Helsher, Maureen Henesey, Pete Hennessy, Tim Herron, Duane Hitchings, Jerry Hludzik (The Buoys),  Shawn Hobin, Bob Hodge, Anna Hoffmann, Eva Hoffmann, Gustav Hoffmann, Nancy Lorraine Hoffmann, Jack Holton, Bob Holz, Tom Honan, Fred Horton, Nate Horton, Tom Hosmer, Larry Hoyt, Ton Hunter, Harold Hyde, Earl Irons, Carl Irvine, Paul Iskander, Greg Italiano, Mike Jachles, Greg Jackson, Jam Factory, Ron Jarman, Joe Jewell, Joanna Jewett, Jimmy Johns, Jeff Jones, W. Jeffrey Jones, Mike Julian, Juan Junco, Mark Kalsuga, Joel Kane, Lou Kaplan,  Ron Kaussner, Irving Kaufman, Ron Keck (SubCat Studio), Tapio Keihanen, Kathy Kellish, Jim Kelley,  Nancy Kelly, Pete Kennedy, Tom Kenny, George Kilpatrick, Phil Kline, Evan Knight, Bill Knolton, Keith Kobland, John Kokot, Kate Kolb, Jack Kreischner, Jeff Kulikowsky (WSYR TV9), Dave Laird, Phil Lambrinos, Arthur Lane, John Latocha, Jeff Laurence, Ron Lauback, Alex Lavon, Freddie Lawrence, Kim Lembo, Arty Lenin, Bev Leonard, Debbie Leonard, Jon Lessels,  Ron Levine, Carman Liberatone, Tony Licameli, Carmen Licatra, Dave Liddy, Jack Lipton, Rocky Lockhart, Ted Long, Bob Lorenz, Wilma Lung, Larry Luttinger

Gordon MacRae, Joel Mackey, George Madigan, Jack Maheu, Frank Malfitano, Doug Mancabelli, Dave Mance, Vince Mangiamelli, Gap Mangione, Harold Mantor, Steve Marcone, Phil Markert, Syd Marshall,  Don Martell,  Dave Martin, Don Martin, Mike Martineau, Mike Marzullo, Langston Masingale, Dick Mastriano, Elliott Mattice, Todd Mattraw, Mark Mazengarb, Nick Mazza, Ed McBarron, Steve McCord, Gene McCormick, Gael McGear, Fran McGrath, Pete Mckay, Mike McKay, John McKenna, Pete McMahon, Dave McQuillan, Richie Melito, Chuck Mellone, Karen Michaels, Melissa Midgeley, Brian Miles, Dave Miller, Brian Mingle, Terry Mingle, Bob Mitchell, Bernie Milton, Miss E, Liz & Tony Modafferi, Jeff Moleski, Doug Moncrief, Kim Monroe, Spencer Montague, Ted Monto, Larry Monty, Jerry More, Dan Morrison, Brandon Morse, Jack Morse, Sandra Morse, Dave Moziak, Rick Mozzo, Jason J.J. Mudge, Terry Mulhauser, Wayne Mueller, Tip Munger, "Austin" Jimmy Murphy, Ed Murphy, Dick Murphy, Jim  Murphy, Mark Murphy.

Mark Nanni, Tommy Nast, Peter Naughton, Joe Neri, Peg Newell, Joey Nigro-Nilson, David Northrup, Jamie Notarthomas, Jon Notarthomas, Jess Novak, John Nucifora, Brandan O'Connor, Dan O'Neil, Charley Orlando, Harold Osborne "Oz", Beth Owens, Phil Owens, Tom Owens, Dan Padavona,  Edgar Pagan, Bob Papaleoni, Donald D. Park, Lonnie Park, Claude "Red" Parton, Dusty Pascal, Warren Paschetto, Tom Payne, Mike Peden, Alex Periales, John Periales, Dave Perkins, Tony Perolla, Joanne Troy Perry, Bob Perry, Bobby Petrella, Al Petroff, Mike Petroff, Phil Petroff, Sam Petrolli, Bill Pfohl, Chynna Phillips, Kaaren Pierce, Nick Pollastro, Dave Priola, George Plavocos, Jody Pucello, Penny Jo Pullus, Carl Pynn, Terry Quill,  Missy Ragonese (Miss E), Mike Ranger, Larry Rand, Dale Randall, Joe Rao, Danielle Rausa, Leo Rayhill, Dave Read, Jim Reagan, Dusty Rhodes, Hanna Richardson, Dave Ridgeway, Joe Riposo, Mike Riposo,  Charlie Robbins, Rob Robbins, Art "Legs" Robins, Hal Robinson, Steve Robinson, Tim Robinson, Tex Roe, Amanda Rogers, Tommy Rogers, George Rossi, Kimberley Rossi, Kathy Rowe,  Alan Rowoth, Susan Royal, Andy Rudy, Al Ruscito, John Russo, Ron Russo, Michael P. Ryan,  Rick Ryder (Tim Huppman),

Dave Salce, John Saltamach, Billy Sanders, Brian Sanders, Tom "T.W." Saunders,  Bob Scarlota, Steve Schad, John Schrack, Paulie Scire, The Seven, Wendy Shoen, Cecile Scott, Fred Sears, Lou Segreti, Larry Serifini, Skip Seyerle, Frank Sgroi, "Duke" Shanahan, Jack Share, Chris Shaw, Mike Shaw, Dick Sheridan. Rob Sherwood, Tom Shine, Wendy Shoen, Tamaralee Shutt, Dennis Sick, Kim Simmonds, Freddie Simmons, John Simone, Tex Simone, Mike Sims, George "Bebo" Singleton, Jimmy Singleton, Mike Skowron, Curt Smith, Otis Smith, Taylor Smith, Dennis Snow, Dick "Rick" Snyder, Ted, Snyder, Jerry Sorn, David Soule, Rob Stagnoletti, Ron Spencer, Dan Sperato, Steve Starmer, Rick Starmer, Scott Sterling, Dave Stevenson, Bill Storm, Shane Storto, Liz Stroedel, Billy Strong, Mark Sukornig, Shawn Sullivan,  Fred Sweet,  Gael Sweeney, Ian Taddeo, Russ Tarby, Jim Tate, Chris Taylor, Greg Tearney, Gerry Testa, Bruce Tetley, Doug Thaler, Ron Thompson, Eric Thorgren, Lee Tiffault, Mark Tiffault, Sox Tiffault, Joe Toscano, Tom Townsley, Tony Trischka, Dave Truax, Scotty Trudell, Chris Tso, Mike Tucker, Sheila Tucker, Kristian Turo, Alan Tyler, Gary Vann, Andrew VanNorstrand, Dennis Veator, Mickey Vendetti, Floyd Otis Vincent, Meegan Voss, Mick Walker, Maddy Walsh, Kat Walters, Rance Walters, Stacey Waterman, Richard Webb, Gary Weeks, Phil Wells,  Randy Wenner, John West, Chuck Wheeler, John Whipple, Mark Wildrick, Eric Will, Don Williams, Eddie Williamson, Scott Wilson, John Wisniewski, Billy Cathers Wolf, Meg Wolf, Billy Wolfe, Rod Wood, Courtney Woods, Dr. Rick Wright, Howie Wyeth, Dave Yawman, Gregg Yeti, Bob Volk, Mark Zane, Bob Zenter, Phil Zeppetello, Roger Zinszer.

Also To-
Syracuse New Times past & present (Mike Greenstein, Bob Lorenz, Roland Sweet, Mike Davis, Bill DeLapp , Art Zimmer, Joe Glisson,  Bill Broad, Jessica Novak, Russ Tarby), Onondaga Historical Association (Tom Hunter, Dennis Connors), Syracuse Area Music Awards (Liz Nowak, Debbie Foley, Carol Thoryk-O'Leary), Walts Record Shop (Eddie & Gary Grudynski, Mark Kalsuga, Gary Podsiedlik, Dave Ridgeway, Larry Liberman), Jack Wolak's Rare Necessities,  Rise n' Shine Dinner, Blue Wave Productions (Greg Spencer), D.M.R. Enterprises (Stacey Waterman), Hollywood Restaurant- Cortland (Rock & Denise Feinstein), Landmark Theater, PetCap Music (Guy Capone), Syracuse M&T Jazz Festival (Frank Malifitano), Dayson Studio (George Day), Gerber Music Company (Bill Gerber III, Terri Gerber, Mr & Mrs William Gerber Jr.), Syracuse Blue Print (Rocky Lockhart), Post Standard Newspaper past & present (Brian Burke, Mark Bialczak, Sean Kirst, Chris Baker), Maplewood Inn & Carnegie CafĂ©- Liverpool, NY,  Pensabene's Casa Grande Restaurant (Terry Pensabene), Palace Theater., Liverpool Holiday Inn.

To the many bands I've worked directly with though the years- Sam & The Twisters, Monterays, Livin Ennd, Sermon, Headstone II.  The Seven, Jam Factory, ELF (Dio, Feinstein, Soule, Driscoll), Joe Whiting & Mark Doyle, Dean Brothers, Nanci Hammond, Mickey Rat, Alligators, Mickey Rat, Sandy Bigtree Band, Cross Creek, Dave Porter,  Jimmy Cavallo & House Rockers, The Rods, New York Flyers,  Nightcaps, Timeline, Wilkesbury Brigade, Kat Tale, Loren Barrigar and all those Cortland acts to name a few.

2014-17,  Live Shows, Bands & Reunion Bands-

Don Barber & The Dukes (Don Barber, Joe Sawmiller, Joe Leo, Brian Miles, Chuck Cavallaro,  Skip Seyerle, Dave Read).

Livin Ennd-- (Jan Fetterly, Mickey Palumbo, Al Wolf, Adrian Lezotte, Sandy Bigtree w/ special guest Mike Price aka Baron Daemon)

The Nightcaps (Dave Novak, Bill Weiss, Don Shoudy, Al McNeil, Tom Rozzano).

Campus Walkers (Mickey Nicotra, Tom Rozzano, Mike Carletta, Bill Weiss),

Art "Legs" Robins & Prestige, (Art Robins, Don Martin, John Mangicaro, Dr. Jerry Brown, John Cappozzolo and guest Chuck Sgroi ),

Mark Hoffmann Family Band, (Mark, Eva, Anna & Gustav Hoffmann, Dave Solazzo, Kenyatta King and special guest former NYS Senator- Nancy Lorraine Hoffmann),

The Outcasts (Mike Ferrante, Ted Storto, Jack Share, Shane Storto, Tommy G, Curt Smith).

The Coachmen  (Mike Davis, Joe Neri, Mark Wildrick, Dickie Cappotto, Rick Cappotto, Carl Putzer, Wayne Mueller, Bob Petta, Bill Willis, Dennis Goettel, John Saltamach),

Timeline- Mike Ferrante, Ted Storto, Curt Smith, Shane Storto, Rance Walters, Tommy G, Steve Schad,

AdVentures- (Ed McBarron, Byron Tiejen, Frank Dehner, Mark Tiejen, Kurt Schmidt),

Kat Tale-  (Kate Kolb, Kat Dooley-Wandersee, Mike Featherstone, Eric Wilson, William Blanchard, Steve Robinson) 

Lawless Brothers- (Scotty Trudell, Dave Flans, Michael Brown, Dave Truax).

Fab Cats- (Gary Freany, Arty Lenin, Dave Novak, Dave Miller, Mike  Kallet).

Cross Creek- Danny Weiss, John Cadley, Dave Novak, Fred Lawrence, John Dancks,
Jimmy Johns, George Newton and Tony Trischka

Skip Murphy's Merry Pranksters- Dave Liddy, Mark Gibson, Mike Ranger, Sharon Allen,
Wayne Stevens, Dave "Big D" Schneider, George Newton & Skip Murphy..

Sandy Bigtree Band-  Sandy Bigtree, Gary LaVancher, Dan "Cato" Eaton, Jimmy Johns, Pat Hodson

History of Syracuse Music All-Star Band-  Buke Babikian, Ted Boileau, Mike Ferrante, Mark Hoffmann, Ed McBarron, Skip Murphy, Dave Novak, Frank Rhodes, Steve Schad, Don Shoudy, Curt Smith, Shane Storto, Ted Storto, Scotty Trudell, Bill Weiss, Mark Wildrick.

Carnege (Reunion band)- Bob Lindberg, Chuck Cavallaro, John Favalo. Chuck Pietra, Bob Powell,  Bob Stasko, Dave Wellner

The Strangers-   Joe DiCiano, John DiLauro, Mike Ranger, Ronnie Dark

New York Flyers-   Chris Tso, Phil Dalessandro, Mike Marzullo, Earl Hamilton

Timeline, Outcasts (Reunion) & Nightcaps- Christmas Show- December 6, 2015 with Bruce Tetley & Jack Share joining the Outcasts while Bob Papaleoni, Buke Babikian & Al McNeal performed with the Nightcaps. Traveled in from San Francisco, Cleveland & Boston to be there.

Sermon (Reunion) & Timeline- June 12, 2016 - 
Sermon- Bill Weiss, Dave Novak, Jimmy Cox, Bob Stasko, Bob Papaleoni, Jimmy Johns......

Timeline Band- Mike Ferrante, Ted Storto, Curt Smith, Shane Storto, Rance Walters.

Wilkesbury Brigade (Reunion) & Dave Novak's & PartyNuts,  September 25, 2016-
Wilkesbury Brigade -Joe Rao, Tommy Forest, Mike Campbell, Tim Cleary, Wayne Paschetto
Dave Novak's PartyNuts - Dave Novak, Mike Kallet, John Dancks, Ed McBarron, Tom Link., J.T. Hall and special guest Dave Hanlon

FabCats- April 23, 2017  Show #18 at Liverpool Holiday Inn
Gary Frenay, Arty Lenin, Dave Novak, Dave Miller

Timeline Band- April 23, 2017- Show #18 at Liverpool Holiday Inn
Dennis Veator, Mike Ferrante, Ted Storto, Shane Storto, Rance Walters.

Little Queen Band - Sept 10, 2017- Show #19 Sheela Tucker, Mike Featherstone, Kate Kolb,
Kristen Turo, Steve Robinson, Nick Pollastro, Paul Iskander

History of Syracuse Music All-Star Band  Show #19 (Septemmber 10, 2017)-
Dave Novak, Dave Hanlon, Bill Weiss, Don Shoudy, Buke Babikian, Mike Ferrante, Ted Storto,
Frank Rhodes, Ed McBarron, Don Williams, Shane Storto, Scotty Trudell and specials guests- Tommy Forest and Mike Campbell

2016 Christmas Extraviganza- December 4, 2016

Loren Barrigar, Mark Mazengarb

The Coachmen- Mike Davis, Joe Neri, Rock Carbone, John Saltamach, Dave Frateshi, Dickie Cappitto, Rob Sherwood. With special guests- Sheela Tucker & Dinosaur Radio's Bob Brown.

History of Syracuse All-Star Band- Dave Novak. Bill Weiss, Dave Hanlon, Mark Hoffmann, Don Shoudy, Mike Ferrante, Ed McBarron, Ted Storto, Steve Schad, Shane Storto & Sheila Tucker

Note- Special December 14, 2014- Xmas Show special guests- Sandy Bigtree, Dave Novak, Dave Porter, Skip Murphy, Mark Hoffmann, Courtney Woods, Bob Brown, Mickey Nicotra & Steve Schad.

Syracuse Radio Stations- WAQX- 95X, WFBL AM-1390, WCIP, WHEN AM-620 (Pete McKelvin). WNDR AM-1260 (Jim O'Brien, Dave Laird, Dan Leonard, Fran McGrath, Big George, Dick Mastriano), WOLF 92.1 FM Country (Skip Clark), WSEN FM (Gary Dunes, John Carucci, Rick Ryder ) WSYR AM 570 (Joe Galiski), WSYR Y-94 FM (Howie Castle, Tommy Nast), WZUN-Sunny 102 FM (Rick Gary, Mike Fiss), WXTL 105.9 "The Rebel" (Dave Frisina),  WYYY 94.5 FM (Kathy Rowe), The Dinosaur (WOLF-WNDR-WSEN-WFBL-WMBO) 93.5/ 94.1/ 97.1/ 103.7/ 103.9 /106.1 FM (Nick Caplan, Lee Goodman, Bob Brown, Tony Fallico, Melissa Midgely,  Peter Naughton, John Schrect, Gary Michaels, Dan Elliott, Sam Furco, Craig Fox).

Syracuse Television Stations folks past & present- WCNY TV-24 (Pete MacKay, Bill Pfohl, George Kilpatrick), WSYR TV-9 & Bridge Street (Tim Fox, Rod Wood, Dave Bullard, Jim Campagnia, Carrie Lazarus, Chris Brandolino, Kaylea Nixon, Jeff Kulkowsky, Jim Teske, Olivia Ugino, Tami Plamer, Sean Martinelli ), WSYT TV-3 (Don Edwards), WTVH TV-5 (Ron Curtis, Dick Deline), Time Warner Cable News 10 (Bill Carey, Tom Blandin) & Spectrum / Time Warner Cable (Bob Papaleoni, John Gabriel),


Jack Abert, Fred Aboud, Sam Amato, Andy Anderson,  Larry Arlotta, Bud Ballou, Sam Barone, Tom Bean, Ron Bee, Jack Belle, Mary Bigtree, Len Blanchard,  Brian Bourke, Lafayette Breland, George Brewer, Dominick Bruno, Ron Bruno, Bill Carey, Hal Casey, Jeff Chappelle, Dick Clark, Stan Colella, Leon Cominsky, Dan Coughlin, Bob Couse, Freddie Critella,  Buz Cua, Jimmy Culkin, Ron Curtis (Izzo), Jeff Davis,  Tom DeAmbra, Roosevelt Dean, Tom Dean, Kent DeFelice, Ray Delaney, Dick Deline, Jim Deline, John Diano, Ronnie James Dio, Dale Dorman, Bobby Doyle, Gary Driscoll, Nancy Duffy, Dan Dunn, Rev. Larry Ellis, Vincent Falcone, Frank Farsworth, Charlie Featherstone, Frank Feinstein, Stephen Fishman, Bob Fleming, Don Forbes, "Jolly Rolly" Fowler, Jim Fricano, Joe Galuski, Sly Germano, Dave Gersony, Pat Gillings, Gary Goal, Terry Golden, Art Goodwin, Dave Goodwin, Monroe Gordon, Mike Goss, Ray Green, Paul Grillo, Gary Grogran, Kurt Grow, Craig Gruber, Eddie Grudynski (Walt's Record Shop), Dick Haggett, Sue Harrington, Fred Hart, Tom Haskell, Pete Hennessey, Larry Hoppen, Fred Horton, Tim Hubbard, Carl Irving, Greg Italiano, Kelly James, Mark Kalsuga, Phil Lambrinos, Dave Langham, Gary LaVancher Jr, Gordon Lavancher, Dick Lawrence, 'Dandy Dan" Leonard, Myron Levy, Carman Liberatore, Bob Lindberg, Tom Link, Jim Lucas, Gordon MacRae, Carl Mano, T. Sherman Marshall, Marty Martens, Norm Mattice, Dave Mazzoli, Chuck Mellone, Frankie Michaels, Bernie Milton, Mike Money, Spencer Montague, Larry Monty, Steve Moosburger (Holly Rock), Rick Mozzo, Tip Munger, Mark Murphy, Jimmy Nalls, Joe Nappi, Al Nathan, Sal Nistico, Wayne Nugent, Jim O'Brien, Dave Olsen, Patsy & Anne Padavona, Ronnie Palmer, Nick Pantas, Dave Pasternack, Marty Patten. John Periales, Rick Plante, George Plavocos, Chris Powell, Dave Read, Lou Reed, Dave Ridgeway, Mike Riposo, Tex Roe, Tom Royal, Nick Russo, Rick Ryder (Tim Huppman), Rick Scapicchio, Scott Secaur, Mike Secreti, Stephen Shedd, Kyle Shirley, Anthony "Tex" Simone, Kenny Simpson, Jim Sims, George "Bebo" Singleton. Jimmy Singleton, Otis Smith, Junior Stevens, Chris Sweet, "Sox" Tiffault,  Pat  Turk, Steve Uehlin, Bruce Van Brocklin, Jimmy Van Heusen, Dave Vermilya,  Jay Walker (Joe Waston), Art Wentzel, Johnny Whipple, Limey Wickwire, Eddie Williamson, Rick Wilson,  Billy Wolfe, Bob Yeager and the so many more.

Though the years there have been so many national artists & groups that have given time to help us with memorabilia, interviews, photos and just great stories to enhance our Syracuse Music history, here is a list of just a few.

Alice Cooper, Duane Allman, Sam Andrew (Big Brother), Vinnie Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), Rod Argent (Zombies), Peter Asher, Badfinger, (Joey & Tom), Julia Baird, Billy Baldwin, Loren Barrigar, Pete Bennett (Apple Records Ex), Black Oak Arkansas (Jim Dandy), Garry Bordonaro (The Rods, Savoy Brown), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), James Brown, Brownsville Station (Cub Koda), The Buoys (Bill Kelly, Jerry Hludzik), David Byron (Uriah Heep), Cactus, Jim Capaldi (Traffic), Carl Canedy, (The Rods), Canned Heat (Bob Hite, Richard Hite, Henry Vestine, Fito De LaPadda), Freddy Cannon,  Felix Cavaliere, Peter C. Cavanaugh, Eric Clapton, Dick Clark, Joe Cocker, Bobby Comstock, Gene Cornish, Windy Craig, Rick Cua, Derek & The Dominoes, John Dettrich (Restless Heart),   Neil Diamond,  Ronnie James Dio, Wendy Dio, Dion, Dale Dorman, Gary Driscoll (ELF, Rainbow), Keith Emerson, Joe English (Jam Factory, Wings), David "Rock" Feinstein (ELF, The Rods), Flaming Ember, Earl V. Ford Jr, (Jam Factory, Tall Doggs), Melvin Franklin (Temptations), Frijid Pink, Danny Goldberg, Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality, Queens of the Stone Age & famed Producer), Guess Who (Jim Kolb),  Jimi Hendrix, Herman's Hermits,  Duane Hitchings, Danny Hutton (Three Dog Night), Iron Butterfly (Lee Dorman, Doug Ingle), James Gang (Dale Peters, Joe Walsh, Jim Fox),  Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson), Elton John (w/ Nigel Olsson & Dee Murray), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Janis Joplin, Nancy Kelly, Al Kooper, Alvin Lee (10 Years After), Led Zeppelin,  John Lennon, Ron Levine (Grammy Winner), Johnny Maestro (Brooklyn Bridge, The Crests), Paul McCartney, Roger McGuinn, ,Mersey Beatles Band, Moody Blues, Bruce Morrow ("Cousin Brucie"), Cliff Nobles, Peter Noone (Hermans Hermits), Dave Northrup (Oak Ridge Boys, Boz Scaggs), Rod Novak (King Harvest), Yoko Ono, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Norman Petty, Chynna Phillips (Wilson Phillips),, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), The Presidents, Rascals (Gene Cornish & Felix Cavaliere), Dusty Rhodes, Smokey Robinson (Miracles), Rolling Stones,  Jeff Alan Ross (Badfinger), Mitch Ryder, Dean Schachtel, Rick Schell, John  Sebastian,  Bob Seger, Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown), Rick Snyder, Mickey Lee Soule, (ELF, Rainbow, Ian Gillan Band, Deep Purple),  Phil Spector, Steppenwolf (John Kay), Kate Taylor, Three Dog Night (Danny Hutton, Norm Sneed), Johnny Tillotson,  Tiny Tim, Tony Trischka, Turtles (Mark Volman),  Joe Walsh (James Gang, Eagles), John West, Leslie West (Mountain),  The Who (Peter Townshend, Roger Daltry, John Entwistle, Keith Moon), Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson (Beach Boys), Stevie Winwood (Traffic, Blind Faith).