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With the departure of Sam Amato from the Hall of Fame band Sam and The Twisters in 1967, remaining members Mickey Palumbo, Jan Fetterly and Al Wolf formed a new band the "Livin Ennd". They added legendary guitarist Dave Pasternack (formerly with The Knights (1960-61), Vikings & Carman Licitra & The Vikings (1962-66). Pasternack stayed with the band for three years (1967-70). In 1968 vocalist Sandy Bigtree was added staying till late 1971 when she left for Broadway as an understudy for Bernadette Peters. The good time party band continued adding first Judy D'Augustino (departed in 1972) then added the lead vocalist of The Monterays, Dan Elliott. Elliott who eventually left to join the Peanuts Hucko Orchestra and traveled the world. Dan later joined The Belmonts (of Dion fame) and is now a member of the Doo Wop Hall of Fame. Fred Sweet replaced Pasternack on guitar (1971-74) and finally a key part of the band was always sound engineer Bill Cooper. If there was a club in CNY that the Livin Ennd didn't play I couldn't name it.

The Livin Ennd" released three singles, "Come to Me" b/w "Stop and Go" (1999), "Round Round" b/w "La La" (1971) writting by Mickey Paulmbo, "White Horses" (1974) and then the bands only album "The Ennd of an Era" recorded live at the Poor House North in Liverpool on February 29, 1975. This historic show a reunion event brought back all Livin Ennd's former members.

Their single "Round Round" b/w "La La" was recorded in 1971 at the Rochester, NY Studio of Joe Jones (of "You Talk to Much" fame). In the mid 1970's, the Livin Ennd recorded many unreleased tracks at Syracuse University's Newhouse School under the guidance of sound engineer Bill Cooper. Listed here are some of the unreleased song titles- Billie, Holly Good Foot, Mama I'm Not Comin Home and Merlin. From these sessions came the release of the single "White Horses" along with a picture sleeve was issued on Ron Wray's Sunday Record label in 1974


Sandy Bigtree went on to  form the Sandy Bigtree Band & Sandy Bigtree and the  Great Northern Expedition  and perform with Skip Murphy's "Out of trhe Blue". Sandy Bigtree was inducted into the SAMMYS Hall of Fame in June 2008

Dave Pasternack- left to join Dave Machin in David & David (1970, then Full House (1977), Jammette, The Mercurys (late 80's). Pasternack was inducted into the SAMMYS Hall of  Fame on November 21, 1997. David died on August 3, 1999.

Al Wolf-   Played bass with the following "One Night Stand" (1995), who became "Crusin" who became one of Syracuse's most popular band's  "Smokin" (1997-2002 and again 2004-09. One of Syracuse's great players Al Wolf (Sam and the Twisters) was inducted into the SAMMYS Hall of Fame on April 22, 1994.

Mickey Palumbo   Mickey joined the Martell Brothers in  "Crackerjack" for a short time (1975) then teamed with Jan Fetterly once again in "Loose" (1976), who became "Too Loose" (1977-94). Upon the breakup of Too Loose, Mickey joined the "Familiar Faces" (1995-97). The very talented Mickey Palumbo (Sam and the Twisters) was inducted into the SAMMYS Hall of Fame on April 22, 1994

Jan Fetterly- Jan just keeps on drumming with first with "Loose" (1975-76), "Too Loose" (1977-94), "Cobblerockers" (10 yrs)  then "Smokin" (2004-present). The very popular Jan Fetterly (Sam and the Twisters) was inducted into the SAMMYS Hall of Fame on April 22, 1994.

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