Friday, March 8, 2013


A overflow crowd watched the Syracuse Area Music Awards "Hall of Fame" Class of 2013 inducted on Thursday evening March 7 at the Dinosaur Bar B Que that included- John Dancks, Skip Murphy, Scott Sterling, Willie "Tatters" Mavins and band- The Seven (Chuck Sgroi, Al Ruscito, Chuck Mellone, Frank Sgroi, Chick Wheeler, Nick Russo, Tommy Forest & Tony Licameli) This years "Music Educator Award" will be presented to Joseph Spadafore. While SAMMYS " Lifetime Achievement Award" will be presented to legendary songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen. The events Master of Ceremony was "The Rebel's" Dave Frisina who was just outstanding.

Induction presenters included Joe Riposo (James Spadafore), Colin Aberdeen (Willie "Tatters" Mavins), Dave Novak (John Dancks), Ron Wray (The Seven), Jeff Jones (Scott Sterling), Mike Davis (Skip Murphy) and New Times published Bill Brod (Brook Babcock accepted for family member Jimmy Van Heusen).

In the crowd- Dave Hanlon, Gary Frenay, Colin Aberdeen, Dave Novak, John & Cathy Cadley, Mark Hoffmann, Paul Armstrong, David "Rock" Feinstein, Kate Kolb, Sandy Bigtree, Susan Royal, Todd Hobin,  Jeff Jones, Tom Emmi, John Dean, Holly Gregg, Dave Porter, Dave Frisina, Tim Fox, Mike Davis, Liz Nowak, Debbie Foley, Maria DeSantis, Jack Bocchino, Jessica Novak, Carol Thoryk-O'Leary, Chuck Sgroi, Tony Licameli, Frank Sgroi, Jeff Bishop, Tommy Forest, Tom Honan, Larry Luttinger, John Dancks, Scott Sterling, Skip Murphy,  Willie "Taters" Mavins, Scott Dixon, Bill Brod,  Joanne Troy Perry, Chris Baker, Mike Burke, Scotty Trudell, Lisa Romano. Ashley Cox, Chuck Dorgan, Brook Babcock, Senator John DeFrancisco,  Stacy Waterman along with members of the band Turnip Stampede.  This is list of just a few I noticed or stopped by to say hello.....Ron Wray 3/7/2013

Just a quick note to say thanks to all those who made the SAMMYS such a great success...Ron

Please find below Ron Wray's SAMMY's Hall of Fame Induction speech March 7, 2013  for "The Seven"

Tonight it is my honor to attach these special words to the band "The Seven", those being "Hall of Famers."

Spending many years at WOLF Radio I can still hear Jim Sims 1969 classic commercial... Tonight at Suburban Park 'The Magical", The Mystical", The Musical", The Seven...Seven..Seven.. Seven...

The Seven's roots go back to the beginning of Syracuse Rock & Roll in 1957 when Nick Russo joined Jeff Chappelle to form Syracuse's first rock & roll band "The Impalas". Chuck Mellone was an early member of Sam and the Twisters & Don Barber and the Dukes, while Chuck & Frank Sgroi, Al Ruscito & Tony Licimeli all were members of "The Capitals".

After a long stint with Jimmy Cavallo, where they became one of the tighlest rhythm sections in America, Chuck & Tony returned to Central New York and reunited with Al Ruscito & Frank Sgroi, added keyboardist Chuck Mellone, guitar-vocalist Chuck Wheeler (of Surprise Package) along with vocalist Nick Russo (who of course was later replaced by another Hall of Fame vocalist Tommy Forest of The Monterays), Then hours & hours of rehearsal time at Mellone's Chicken Coop on 7th North Street and finall they exploded onto the CNY Music scene

The Seven was born. A career that packed such CNY clubs as The Place, Captain Mac's, The Shack and jammed a record 3,000 into the Campus Inn at Suburban Park. They signed a national recording contract with Thunderbird Records released the super album "The Song is Song, the Album is Album" having two hit singles, the doubled sided 45- Song  b/w Heatwave & Tell Her Know that charted in Syracuse for a total of 19 weeks.

Their songs also graced the airwaves in Philadelphia, Buffalo, Miami, Detroit, Baltimore and New York's super stations WABC & WCBS. There East Coast tour included stops at NYC nightclubs On Gon O's & "The Bitter End" and a appearance on the popular Sunday morning TV Show "Upbeat" based out of Cleveland, Ohio. There were so many-more great moments in this bands historic musical career...but now.

It is my great honor to induct into the SAMMY'S Hall of Fame one of CNY's All-Time Super groups ...THE SEVEN....  (Ron Wray , March 7, 2013 at Dinosaur Bar B Que)

Accepting were Seven members- Chuck Sgroi, Frank Sgroi, Tony Licimeli, Tommy Forrest