Sunday, February 19, 2017


Where do all great musical artists stories begin, well in there home town. In Vince Falcone case this Nottingham High School graduate went on to continue his education at Syracuse University graduating in 1960. A note- Vince was a boyhood friend of another great SAMMYS Hall of Famer- Sal Nistco who fame spanned the world in the field of jazz. Falcone then joined the Gabe Garland Band making $75 a week after ending his military service in the fall of 1963.

The Vince Falcone Trio was formed with Tony Leonardi, Pete Lulis and Falcone while playing at Syracuse's Coda Restaurant during 1963. It was then on to engagements at Soo-Lins, Luigi's, The Birches and Clef while taking a full-time position at the Clark Music Company. During this time frame Falcone replaced keyboard great Bill Rubenstein backing the amazing jazz singer Anna Marie (Genovese) who performed many-many times at The Casablanca in downtown Syracuse and appeared nationally on the "Tonight Show".

Vince Falcone left Syracuse for the bright lights of Las Vegas in January 1972. His first gig was with Jimmy Hassel at the Thunderbird Hotel (paid $298 a week). The following year Vince became the pianist at the Dunes Hotel for a two year weekly salary of $323 and stayed three years. Also during this period he also started a two-year stint at the Marina Hotel. Playing both lasted some two years. Then it was on to Caesar's Palace fora two-week engagement with a 39-piece orchestra backing Frank Sinatra. This led to Falcone musical engagements with such amazing performers as- Diana Ross, Lena Horne, Tom Jones, Alan King, Buddy Hackett, Ann Margret, Shirley Mac Lane and Sammy Davis Jr.

In the spring of 1977, Vince started his first road trip with Frank Sinatra at Lake Tahoe. Conducting the Sinatra Orchestra landed him a $35,000 contract. Vince returned to Syracuse on August 28, 1978 with Sinatra performing at the New York State Fair. Then it was on to Egypt to perform a charity event for Mrs. Sadat in 1979, Next a major tour of South America visiting Brazil, Argentina and Rio. Another major event happened in Santo Domingo billed as the "Concert of the Americas" on August 20, 1982. The event featured Sinatra with the Buddy Rich Orchestra. Note- Vince Falcone also arranged Frank Sinatra's "Trilogy Lp: (1980), and the singles releases of "Say Hello" (1981) and "To Love a Child " (1982), The all of a sudden everything ended as he was fired after seven year by Sinatra.

He returned to being house pianist at Caesar's Palace and started working with vocalist Pia Zadara in the spring of 1983. With Pia they were invited to perform for George W. Bush's inaugual celebration (note he \had also performed for President Ronald Reagan). Vince then teamed with Andy Williams on his 1st Christmas Tour in late 1984. Finally after three years with Pia Zadora he was rehired by Sinatra and Frank recorded one of his greatest tunes, the "Theme from New York New York; (1985), Needing his independence, this second stint with Sinatra lasted about a year. Between 1995-97, Falcone teamed with songster Eddie Fisher, In 2003, saw Vince in Barcelona, Spain with Jerry Lewis with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra.

Vince Falcone- a magnificent conductor, bandleader and performer played shows at some of the world greatest hotels and resorts in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. He would then publish a book in late 2005 telling of his fantastic years with Sinatra entitled "Frankly Just Between Us, My Life Conduction Frank Sinatra's Music".

Vince Falcone played as well as conducted for the following national acts during his amazing music career- Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Robert Goulet, Paul Anka, Eddie Fisher, Diahann Carol, Connie Francis, Jerry Lewis, McGuire Sisters, Jack Jones, Al Martino, Frankie Valli, Mike Curb Congregation, and Steve Lawrence & Eyde Gorme to name a few.

Vince conducted and performed with Frank Sinatra at Syracuse's Carrier Dome for New York Gouvenor's Hugh Carey' fundraiser then included Wayne Newton. Falcone returned again to Central New York on October 6, 2012 to play at the AmeriCo Jazz in Caz Festival at Cazenovia College, NY. At that event we caught another great CNY musician Danny D'Imperio.

On the evening of March 2, 2017- Vince Falcone was inducted into the Syracuse Area Music Hall of Fame at the Dinosaur Bar B Que by given the SAMMYs "Lifetime Achievement Award" there highest honor.. His induction speech was given by Michael Davis (Syracuse New Times) himself a SAMMYs Hall of Fame member. A truly great story of a great man that all CNY's can cherish.

In a very sad note to this story - the great Vince Falcone passed away of Friday March 24, 2017 at 10:55 pm in Torrance, Ca at age 79. He was a true Syracuse Music Legend who will be deeply missed by many.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Sadly we report the passing of the great drummer and friend Dave Read. Dave  performed in such Syracuse & CNY bands as Public Eye, Reckless Driving, The Works (Sammys Hall of Fame), Fabulous Ripcords, Viceroys, Don Barber & The Dukes (reunion) and many others. He will be deeply missed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Jan 4, 1985        Ronnie Leigh and Alliance                     Lost Horizon

Jan 5, 1985        Roger McGuinn                                      Jabberwocky

Jan 24, 1985      Soda Ash Six                                          Dinkler

Jan 26-27          Bruce Sprinsteen                                     Carrier
                          "Born in the USA Tour"

Feb 6-7              Peanuts Hucko                                        Dinkler

Feb 16, 1985     Lee Greenwood                                       Landmark Theater

Feb 21, 1985     805                                                           USA Sams

Feb 22-23          Mitch Miller & SSO                                Civic Center

Feb 23-24          Bobby Hamilton                                      SU Sheraton Inn

Feb 23, 1985      REO                                                        War Memorial

Feb 24, 1985      Ricky Scaggs                                           Landmark Theater

Feb 26- Mar 3    Martin Landau as Dracula                       Landmark Theater

Mar 12, 1985     Roger Whittiker                                       Civic Center

Mar 14-17          The Coasters                                            Marriott

Mar 15-17          Jack Holton's Blues Band                        Tiffany Lounge

Mar 16, 1985     John Hall Band                                         The North

Mar 16, 1985     Kingsnakes                                                Nappi's

Mar 16, 1985      Stroke Rn B                                              Rolling Stone

Mar 30, 1985      Prince & Revolution                                 Carrier Dome '

Apr 10, 1985      Sammy Hagar                                           War Memorial
\                          Dokkan

Apr 17, 1985      B.T.O                                                        Landmark Theater

Apr 20, 1985      Julian Lennon                                           Landmark Theater

Apr 20, 1985      Solid Gold Show                                      War Memorial
                           MC- Wolfman Jack
                           Belmonts, Tokens, Danny & Juniors.
                           Shirley Austin Reeves (of Shirelles)
                            Dan Elliott & Montearys

Apr 23, 1985      George Thorogood                                   Landmark Theater

Apr 25, 1985      Los Lobos                                                USA Sams

Apr 27, 1985      Masters of Reality (Chris Goss)              RollingStone
                           Unholy Wives

May 1, 1985       Roger McGuinn                                      Jabberwocky

May 2, 2985       James Brown                                          Jabberwocky

May 5, 1985       Del Shannon                                           Gordys Doubleplay

May 5, 1985       Triumph                                                  War Memorial

May 9, 1985        Southside Johnny                                   USA Sams

May 26, 1985      Todd Rundgren & Utopia                      Jamesville Beach

May 28- June 2    Mickey Rooney in Sugar Babbies        Landmark Theater

June 14, 1985       Janet Jackson                                        NYS Special Olympics
                             Donny & Marie Osmond

June 17, 1985       Santana                                                  Weedsport Fairgrounds

June 30, 1985       Pat Methany                                          Long Branch Park

July 4, 1985         Alligators                                               Beginnings Club

July 9, 1985         Air Supply                                              War Memorial

July 10, 1985       Huey Lewis & News                              Weedsports Fairgrounds

July 11, 1985       James Montgomery Blues Band             Landmark Theater

July 12, 1985       Paul Case Band                                       Mad Hatter

July 12, 1985       Too Loose                                                Beginnings Club

July 13, 1985       Doyle- Whiting Band                               Lost Horizon

July 14, 1985       Kris Kristofferson                                     Long Branch Bark

July 16, 1985       Robyn Trower                                          Lost Horizon

July 18, 1985       David Sanborn                                         Landmark Theater

July 26, 1985       Waylon Jennings                                     Weedsport Fairgrounds
                             Jesse Colter
                             Chuck Berry

July 28, 1985        George Carlin                                           Civic Center

Aug 2, 1985          Etta James                                              

Aug 4, 1985         George Thorogood                                     MacArthur Stadium

Aug 9, 1985         Benny Mardones                                         Weedsport Fairgrounds

Aug 23-24            Four Topps                                                  NYS Fair

Aug 24, 1985        Pointer Sisters                                             NYS Fair

Aug 26, 1985        Bryan Adams                                              NYS Fair

Aug 26, 1985        Crosby Stills & Nash                                  NYS Fair

Aug 27, 1985        Captain & Tennille                                      NYS Fair

Aug 27, 1985        Chuck Mangione                                          Landmark Theater

Aug 28, 1985        Charlie Daniels Band                                  NYS Fair

Aug 30, 1985        Rick Springfield                                           NYS Fair

Aug 30-31            Helen Reddy                                                 NYS Fair

Sept 1, 1985         Johnny Rivers                                               NYS Fair

Sept 2, 1985         Spinners                                                        NYS Fair

Sept 13, 1985       Heart                                                              War Memorial
                             Cheap Trick

Sept 17, 1985        Dio- Scared Heart Tour                                 War Memorial

Sept 20, 1985       Wynton Marsalis                                            Civic Center

Sept 27, 1985        Cab Calloway                                                Civic Center

Oct 2, 1985            B.B. King                                                      Landmark Theater

Oct 3, 1985            Ratt                                                                War Memorial
                               Bon Jovi

Oct 10, 1985          Jean Luc Ponty                                              Civic Center

Oct 16, 1985         Barry Manilow                                               War Memorial

Oct 24, 1985          Sha Na Na                                                     USA Sams

Oct 27, 1985          John Lee Hooker                                           Lost Horizon

Nov 1, 1985           New York Flyers                                           Lost Horizon

Nov 4-5                  Shirley Jones                                                 Civic Center

Nov 9, 1985           Doyle-Whiting Band                                     Copperfields

Nov 18, 1985         Red Hot Chili Peppers                                   Lost Horizon
                               Robyn Fear

Nov 13, 1985         David Copperfield- Magic Show                  Landmark Theater

Nov 18, 1985         Henry Mancini                                              Landmark Theater

Nov 20, 1985         Jefferson Starship                                          War Memorial
                               Night Ranger

Nov 24, 1985         Stevie Ray Vaughn                                         Landmark Theater

Dec 29, 1985          Benny Mardones                                            Landmark Theater

Dec 31, 1985          The Works                                                      Rolling Stone
                                Zip Digit
                                Moving Targets..