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When we look back at the incredible music history of Dave Hanlon we find that Dave started performing  his junior year of high school  at age 17. He appeared in public for the first time at the Parquet Lounge on No. Salina Street. He then landed a gig with "Little Willie" Gatewood and his band the Tornadoes at Deb's. During the 1960's Dave played drums for the Syracuse University rock quartet "The Tradewinds" that featured Kent DeFelice and Mark Hoffmann (both eventually evolved into Jam Factory). Hanlon then teamed  up with Howie Wyeth in Syracuse University's big soul band "The Sidewinders". It was then on to the Three Sirs (Rick & Tukki Chisholm & Chester Simmons) along with many six nights a week club dates with Rick Cua & Larry Arlotta.

The new decade saw the formation of the very popular band "Dove" (1970-73) with band mates. Arlotta, Cua, Howie Bartolo and Larry Serifini. Dove packed every CNY club known with there exciting sound and stage presentation. After Dove demise in 1973, Hanlon joined Mark Doyle & Rick Cua in a band called Duv.

 The 1970's took Dave to  California although he found work, his dreams quickly faded traveling to Kodiak, Alaska. In 1975 he formed his own band  "Dave Hanlon's Funky Jazz Band". Dave with team with musical greats John Kane, Joe Jewell, Eric Miller and Jack Holton.

Hanlon then joined the hugely popular band C.R.A.C. between 1977-80. C.R.A.C. had release two singles and with Hanlon the 1980 very popular album "As They Are".

Hanlon then teamed up with the national recording band Duke Jupiter (1977-80) based out of Rochester, NY. Duke Jupiter toured with such nationals acts as Z Z Top, Toto, Sea Level, REO Speedwagon, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bowie, Foreigner and the Outlaws. But after three successful albums he departed. Next came the Larry Arlotta Trio with Rick Cua & Larry Arlotta playing many nights at thr Red Rooster in No. Syracuse

Hanlon then formed what maybe his most popular band "Dave Hanlon's Cookbook" in 1980. Then two years off and his music rekindled in 1983. Cookbook  (1980- present day) reformed and though the years has included such great players as Hanlon (drums), Emedin Rivera, Rapheal Oritz Jr. Mark Copani, Edgar Pagan (bass), Kenny Budd (guitar), Bill DiCosimo (keyboards), Terrance Bruce (sax- joined in 1990), Ava Andrews (lead vocals) they released the album "Dig In: on Dirty Tracks Records in 1994. Their next release was the nine-song "Live from the Dinosaur Bar B Que" that hit stores in November 2002. Their musical lineup again contained Hanlon, Pagan, DiCosimo, Andrews, with new additions John Kane (who had replaced Bruce) on saxophone and Lee Tiffault (who replaced Kenny Budd) on guitar..

In between all of this Dave Hanlon shared the stage many time through the years with jazz great and Cortland native Charlie Bertini in his Apple Jazz Band. This band appeared on three national recording (1985-present). From 1996 through 2003 he brought his great talent to the CNY band "Swing Central".

December 2010 came Cookbooks next Cd "Hot & Sweet" on the Tasty Tracks label. Dave Hanlon's Cookbook musical lineup on this recording included- Ava Andrews (vocals), Jimmie Spivey (bass), Lee Tiffault (guitar), Ed Vivenzio (keyboards) and Dave Hanlon (drums).

To add to his great career. Dave Hanlon's Cookbook won the 2011 Sammy Award for the Best R&B release. The SAMMY was presented to the band on stage November 11, 2011 at the OnCenter. What can you says about this great performer. Well ! Dave was inducted into the Syracuse Area Music Awards Hall of Fame (Sammys) in 2005.

Hanlon with his former band Duke Jupiter was also inducted into the Rochester, NY Music Hall of Fame on Sunday April 27, 2014 at Kodak Hall at the Eastman Theater. Duke Jupiter long career lasted some 13 years (1973-86) recording and louring with many of our industries greatest players.

Dave Hanlon is truly not only a great musician but a great guy who brings honor to this community- Ron Wray

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