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For the many-many requests that I have received through the years, here is the exact song listing and back liner notes for the famed Ronnie James Dio vinyl album "DIO AT DOMINO'S" released on Jove Records in 1963 (Jove J-108). Engineering & Recording Credits- a Jay-Jay Production.

Recorded in part "Live" at Domino's Restaurant, Cortland, NY- February 24, 1963

Ronnie Dio & the Prophets- Dick Bottoff (guitar), Ronnie Dio (lead vocals & bass), Nick Pantas (guitar) and Tommy Rogers (drums).

Side 1
Follow Me
Blue Days, Blue Nites
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Red Top
An Angel Is Missing  (single that was released on the Seneca Record label)
Irresistible You

Side 2
I Told You So
Everybody's Got A Dance To Do But Me
Don't Take Your Love From Me
Make Johnny Blue
Great Balls of Fire
Love Pains

Back Album liner notes

October 1, 1962 - Domino's Restaurant in Cortland opened under the proprietorship of Dom "Domino" Patriarco.

October 3, 1962- Grand opening headlining RONNIE DIO AND THE PROPHETS. Ronnie Dio was booked for 2 dates only, Wednesday Oct 3 and Sunday October 7, 1962.

May 1, 1963 - Ronnie Dio and the Prophets are still packing DOMINO'S Restaurant Wednesday and Sunday nites.
The success story of RONNIE DIO AND THE PROPHETS and DOMINO'S Restaurant is not hard to understand. Ronnie Dio and The Prophets, Domino's has one of the "great' musical groups in the East. The club could accommodate large crowds without taxing its' capacities. The right entertainment and young aggressive management has made DOMINO'S "The place where its at" in Central N.Y. and its has taken just seven short months.


Main Street in Cortland has been "Swing Street" Central, N.Y. due to the tremendous popularity of one of the "great musical ensembles anywhere". RONNIE DIO AND THE PROPHETS. Ronnie Dio has played all the top campuses in the East and worked side by side with some of the big names in today's entertainment world. This album demonstrates the versatility and class of RONNIE'S fine voice and the secret strength of the fine musicians who have played together for 3 1/2 years. There is little doubt in the minds of those who are fans of this group, that they will crash through nationally. This could happen with the latest RONNIE DIO single release "Swingin' Street" inspired , in part, by the great response to DIO AT DOMINO'S.
NOTE- JOVE Record label is John Periales & Vernon Wray ...JO from John, VE from Vernon Wray (also know as Ray Vernon who recorded & wrote songs for Diamond Records) is the brother of national recording star Link Wray of "Rumble" & "Ace of Spades" fame. This label also release the 45 rpm single "The Waddle" by Ithaca's Little Bernie (Milton) and the Cavaliers.

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