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I know we have documented the history of  Syracuse Area Music Hall of Famer- Mark Doyle many times, but his contributions have been so great I though it was time to take a look back at his marvelous musical career.

Mark Doyle the Auburn, NY native was born on October 15 into a very musical family (his father Bobby was with WSYR TV-3's famed Jim Deline Orchestra). He performed in the Auburn High School band Thursday's Children then rose to the top of the Syracuse music scene as a member of Freewill (later became Jukin Bone again with lead singer Joe Whiting). After two nationally released Jukin Bone RCA albums "Jukin Bone (1972) and "Way Down East" (1973), Mark expanded his options joining the David Werner Band. (1972-74, 76 & 79), then followed with Judy Collins (1976), Andy Pratt (1976-77), Hall & Oates (1977), Cindy Bullens (1978-80) and  Leo Sayer (1979). He finally returned home and produced the following recordings- The Bashers (1979), Le Rock (1980), the Headlights (1980), The Works, The Natives, Joe Whiting's Bandit Band. Then it was off to record with Meatloaf (1983)  and Byron Adams (1983-84).

Doyle's musical genius skyrocketed him to the top of the music industry. In the mid 80's, Mark appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand (w/ Cindy Bullens- March 22, 1980 singing "Too Close to Home" & "Steal The Night"), Saturday Night Live, Don Kirschner's Rock Concert, The Tomorrow Show and European tours with Meatloaf (1983) and backing Bryan Adams (including his hit "Cut Like a Knife 1983-84), associate producer for super group New Kids on The Block (1989), Tiffany (1990) and once again with Andy Pratt (1992).

Mark has enjoyed working and recording with many other local CNY bands as- The Works (1980), New York Flyers (1981), The Natives (1981-82), Joe Whiting (1982), Todd Hobin Band (1982), Public Eye (1984), The Kingsnakes (1987-88, 90, 92), Stroke (1987), Taboo (1992) and his own Doyle-Whiting Band (1987-88), Backbone Slip  (1994), Gary Frenay (1996), Kim Lembo (1996), Joe Whiting (1996-97), Ronnie D (1998) and other Greg Spencer's Blue Wave label productions. Mark has pioneered the local use of direct-to-digital studio technology and the new High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD) recording process. Doyle then produced a great disc for Top 40-style balladeer Kim Fetters titled "In My Wildest Dreams" (1998).

Next he teamed with his father the great keyboardist Bobby Doyle along with John Kane & Dick Howell in the "Jazz Minds" (1995). After a year of playing keyboards with Lush Life (a jazz trio) Mark Doyle was back in the studio in 1999 producing his own 12-track Cd " Guitar Noir" released on Free Will Records. This album was named the Top local album release for the year 1999 by the Syracuse Newspapers. Mark's second instrumental album was the 12-track "Out of the Past" released in June 2001.

In 2002, Freewill reunited with its original members and released a live cd called "Freewill Live on Stage". May 2002- Mark released a benefit compact disc to celebrate the legacy of the great songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen (another SAMMY Hall of Famer). As the year ended producer Doyle released the Christmas 2/Cd set "Solstice at the Cathedral" that featured 17 great songs and included Doyle along with Joe Whiting, Donna Colton and Kenneth Meyer.

His next project was producing two albums with talented Cazenovia artist Kim Monroe. 2008- saw Mark team in the studio and on disc with The Penetrators (Jack Lipton) on the cd release "Bad Woman". Other 2008 production and recording included Frank Briggs, Jonah Cohen, Andy Pratt, 12 AM,  & Kim Simmonds. 

The year 2009 produced projects with Laura Austin, Michael Gorden along with the cd "Shake em on Down" a "Salute to the 60's British Blues Boom" under the name Mark Doyle and the Maniacs. The Maniacs included Terry Quill (second guitar & harmonica), Frank DeFonda (drums), Jack Lipton (vocals), Michael P. Ryan (bass & vocals) and Doyle. This cd released on Free Will Records #527 was recorded and mixed at More Sound (Jocko).

2010 brought projects with George Egosarian & Michael Gordon and in April came Mark Doyle and the Maniacs newest 13-track blues-rock disc  "Comin Home" again issued on the Free Will label. This lineup once gain included Quill, Lipton, Ryan, DeFonda & Doyle, Quill & Ryan would play their last gig on November 26, 2011 followed by Doyle's reforming the band, During this period Mark released  'In Dreams- Guitar Noir II', produced cds for Mark Fahl, 3D and Jack Lipton's "Forgotten Boy". Mark also appeared on Ronnie Leigh cd "Live at Applejazz" cd in 2012 (recorded live during Charlie Beritni's Applejazz Festival at Little York Lake Park).

Then the Maniacs reformed adding the talented Phil Broikus and Joel Kane who joined Frank DeFonda & Mark Doyle (May 2012). This lineup played the Ronnie James Dio tribute concert "Dio Day Cortland" on July 7, 2012. In December 2012, Doyle and the new lineup the released the cd "Pushin" and DVD "Making of Pushin". In early 2013 Broikus exits and the fantastic  Pete McMahon (former Kingsnakes & others) is added  followed quickly by a new cd "Live and Burnin".

At the 2014 Syracuse Area Music Awards at the Palace Theater on March 7, 2014, Mark Doyle & The Maniacs took home the Sammy for their great Cd "Pushin"....

If this isn't enough, through the years Mark has continued performing, producing, writing and giving music lessons and instruction to hundred of CNY's musicians.

Well that's a brief look at Mark Doyle marvelous career. We may not have every moment... but what we have listed make us proud that Mark Doyle is a native Central New Yorker and make our Syracuse Music scene at better place for it. Thanks Mark ++++

PS- Mark Doyle was inducted into the Syracuse Area Music Hall of Fame...

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