Friday, November 13, 2015


There have been many great musical events though all my years documenting our Syracuse Music History since the mid 1960's. But Saturday evening November 13, 2015 at the Palace Theater was one of the all-time best. Billed as "Respect" CNY Celebrates Women in Music was one of those special moments in our cities music history. It starts with Joanne Jewett and her dedicated committee who brought this "SOLD OUT" show to all of us. 32 great songs were performed that led to an amazing encore of Aretha Franklin "RESPECT" with all listed below sharing the Palace Theater stage for a magical moment. Truly a great-great night for all. MC's of the event were 93Q's Amy Robins and 'The Rebels" Dave Frisina,
The best way to tell you of the shows performers is to list them all here they are- Sharon Allen, Terry Bender, Donna Colton, Ashley Cox, Leila Dean, Melissa Gardiner, Marcia Hagan, Moe Harrington, Maureen Henesey, Sarah Hiltbrand, Joanne Jewett, Nancy Kelly, Kate Kolb, Letizia, Miss E, Kim Monroe, Jess Novak, Joanne Perry, Lisa Romano, Susan Royal, Tamaralee Shutt, Robyn Stockdale, Anna Vogal, Kat Dooley- Wandersee
The Respect performers were backed by members of the CNY band "Funkadelphia" that included Kristopher Heels, Frank Neubert, Ken Satterfield and out good friend Andy Rudy, Other's musicians included- Kevin Dean, Chris Eves, Brian Golden, Tony Greene, Brett Hobin, Bob Kane, Jeff Martin, Langston Masingale, Leslie Michel. Mark Nanni, Sam Paterelli Tim Robison, Dave Rockower, Jeff Unaitis and Joe Zarr.
Throughout the evening many stopped by to say hello including Dave Frisina. Liz Nowak, John Mangicaro, Don Shoudy , Debbie Foley, Tim Robinson, Mark Nanni, Joanne Perry,  Steve Schad, Julie Briggs, Carol Thoryk-O'Leary, Sharon Allen, Susan Royal, Kim Monroe, Royce McManus, Jordan Davies, Tom Honan, MaryKay Manns, Kate Kolb, Jack O Bocchino, Stacey Waterman, Langston Masingale, Leila Dean, Kevin Dean, Andy Rudy to name just a few.

A fantastic evening that we will all remember for a very long time. We applaud there amazing efforts. "Respect'  CNY Celebrates Women in Music was in support of The Centers of St. Camillus.

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