Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HISTORY OF SYRACUSE MUSIC - CHAPTER # 54- Ten Famous Names Who Performed or Spoke in Syracuse between 1861-1905

Between 1861-1905 many famous names visited the Syracuse area making historic speeches or performing on stage. Here's ten names with dates and locations for your enjoyment.....

Feb 18, 1861   Abraham Lincoln - spoke in Vanderbilt Square in downtown Syracuse

Oct 16, 1869   Charles Dickens- Recited his readings at the Wieting Opera House

Dec  6, 1871    Mark Twain- Wieting Opera House

Jan 16, 1879    "Buffalo Bill' Cody- Wieting Opera House (again Feb 12, 1881)

July 24, 1881     P.T. Barnum- Brought his "Greatest Show on Earth" to Syracuse

Sept 4-9, 1888  John L. Sullivan (World Boxing Champion) Jacob Opera House

Jan 14, 1890     John Phillip Sousa Orchestra- Wieting Opera House (first of many)

Aug  5, 1895    "Buffalo Bill's" Wild West Show with Annie Oakley at Kirk Park

Nov 5, 1902     Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys - Wieting Opera House

Dec 19-21, 1905  Will Rogers - Vaudeville Act at Keiths Grand Theater

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