Friday, November 23, 2012


During the summer of 1970, The Place (night club) opened at the corner of Rt 11 & Bear Road in North Syracuse. This "Hot Spot" featured the best in national and local talent plus the famed "Sunday Night Jam Sessions" that were opened to all musicians.

One of most popular groups of these jams were the Buddy Grealy Band. The band consisted of members Michael Coward, Dan Coward & Tom McNamara. The trio was originally from Springfield, Mass and was known as "Cin". With Cin break up in the fall of 1970 the Coward Brothers relocated to Central New York as suggested by former talent agent Mike Martineau. As the groups personal changed, John Quatrone replaced Danny Coward on drums, and bassist Tom McNamara spot was taken by Steve Fishman  (formerly of Oates). Lastly another former member of Oates, violinist Reinhard Straub was added during a jam at Saranac Lake, ny.

This lineup was the nucleus of the band "Wind", with Frank DeFonda (formerly of Fat Attic) becoming the new drummer. Wind soon became a huge campus attraction. In the meantime original drummer Danny Coward had joined Jukin Bone and when that band broke up in 1973, he joined his brother Mike, and Wind returned to the name the "Buddy Grealy Band". The brother's Coward, Straub and Fishman packed the Yellow Balloon and Brookside throughout 1974. After New Years 1975, Straub left to play with Rochester's "Wale" and a month later Gary Link of the David Werner Band replaced   Fishman. This final incarnation of Buddy Grealy parted ways in September 1975.               


  1. The Coward brothers were part of the band Cin in Springfield MA in 1970. Cin was a five piece band in Springfield MA that broke up in the fall of 1970. The Coward brothers - not Cin - moved to Syracuse.

  2. In 1970, I met Mike and Danny Coward at what was once Hewitts in Fairmont. They played a few gigs there, while living in a rooming house on W. Genesee St. Not having a proverbial "pot to pee in", they moved to an abandoned warehouse in a derelict area off of S. Salina St near the old Central Tech high school. They were able to practice there. As stated, they had gigs at the Yellow Balloon, The Place, Brookside, and also a few major live shows at The Scene which broke attendance records. Jukin' Bone was originally their biggest threat and they couldn't overcome their popularity. One of their biggest versions of a popular recording was "Train Keeps on a Rollin" which as "legend" has it, was so good that Aerosmith stole it from them which led to their demise. Michael Coward was one of the best guitarists to grace the stage at 17.