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Jan 1-3, 1957    Glenn Miller Orch/ Ray McKinley   Hotel Syracuse

Feb 6, 1957      Gene Autry & Champion                  War Memorial

Feb 8, 1957      The Emeralds (Greg Tearney)            Jefferson St Armory
                         George Tortorelli
                         Donna Spenanberg
                         WFBL's- Bill Thrope
                         WNDR's- Bill Quinn, Chet Whiteside

Feb 12, 1957    Jimmy Cavallo                                  P.L.A.V.

Feb 12, 1957   Jim Deline Gang- TV Show              WSYR TV-3
                        Bigtree Sisters
                        Patti Hammond
                        Fred Lenway

Feb 14, 1957   Salt City 5                                          Marine Room

Feb 15, 1957   4 Sharps                                             Marine Room

Feb 15, 1957   "Hit Show of 1957"                           War Memorial
                         Gene Autry & Champion
                        Rufe Davis
                         Foy Williams & Riders of Purple Sage
                         Lucky Girls
                         Carl Cotner & Melody Ranch Orchestra

Feb 22, 1957    "Birdland Stars of 1957"                 War Memorial
                         Billy Eckstine
                         Count Basie
                         Sarah Vaughan
                         Joe Willams
                         Jimmy Jones & others

Feb 28, 1957   Guy Lombardo & Orch                   Hotel Syracuse

Mar 1, 1957     Orange Peels                                  Jewish Com Center
                         SU Jazz Band
                         The Emeralds (Greg Tearney)

Mar 14, 1957   Chis Powell                                    Brown Jug

Mar 28-29       Chris Powell                                    Marine Room
Apr 4-5

Apr 11, 1957   Stars of Stars 1957                          War Memorial
                        Fats Domino
                        Chuck Berry
                        Eddie Cooney
                        Clyde McPhatter
                        Bill Doggett
                        5 Keys
                        LaVern Baker
                       The Moonglows
                       Five Satins
                       Charles Brown, Ann Cole,
                       Paul Williams & Orchestra

Apr 11, 1957   N.Y. Philharmonic Symphony       Loews State Theater

Apr 14, 1957   Johnny Cash

May 9-16        Jimmy Cavallo                                P.L.A.V

May 23-26      Carman Cavallaro                            3 Rivers Inn
                        Jerry Vale
May 25, 1957  Jimmy Cavallo                              Andre's Tic Toc

May 28, 1957  Sax Hunter                                    Brown Jug.

June 12-13       Carmel Quinn                               3 Rivers Inn

June 14-22        Johnny Ray                                  3 Rivers Inn

June 23-30        Hilltoppers                                  3 Rivers Inn
                          Pat Henry
                          Tony Riposo Orchestra

July 14-15         Salt City 5 w/ Will Alger           Memory Lane

July 18, 1957    Gertrude Berg                             Country Playhouse

July 21-28         McGuire Sisters                          3 Rivers Inn

July 21, 1957    Eartha Kitt                                  Country Playhouse

July 29- Aug 4   Lou Monte                                 3 Rivers Inn

July 30-Aug 4   Chris Powell                              Marine Room

Aug 8-11          Ringley Bros- Barnum Bailey Circus- MacArthur Stadium

Aug 12-14        Marilyn Maxwell                       Country Playhouse

Aug 23, 1957   Lou DeSantis Orchestra             Memory Lane

Aug 26- Sept 7   New York State Fair               NYS Fairgrounds
                           Gene Autry (18,000+ fans)
                           McGuire Sisters
                           Lone Ranger, Silver & Tonto
                           Annie Oakley (Gale Storm)
                           Ray McKinley/ Glenn Miller Orchestra

Aug 30, 1957     Johnny Mathis                         3 Rivers Inn

Sept 8, 1957       Jodi Sands                               3 Rivers Inn

Sept 16, 1957     "Biggest Show of Stars For 1957    War Memorial
                            Paul Anka
                            Chuck Berry
                            LaVern Baker
                           The Bobbettes
                           Everly Brothers
                           Fats Domino
                           The Drifters
                           The Crickets w/ Buddy Holly
                           Frankie Lyman & Teenagers
                           Clyde MacPhatter
                           The Spaniels
                           Paul William Orchestra
                           MC- Harold Cromer

Sept 28, 1957     Jet Plane Record Hop                  National Guard Hanger
                           Chuck Alaimo
                           Kathy Linden
                           Four Coins
                           Jerry Marr
                           Jim Adams Western Boys
                           Harmony Hepcats

Sept 28-Oct 6    Four Coins                                     3 Rivers Inn

Oct 15, 1957     Skippy Williams Orch                   Brown Jug
                          (former Bill Haley's Comets)

Oct 17-26          Sammy Davis Jr.                           3 Rivers Inn

Oct 22-26          Benny Goodman Orch                  Hotel Syracuse

Nov 1, 1957      The Emerald (w/ Greg Tearney)   Nottingham High

Nov 9-16          Gordon MacRae                             3 Rivers Inn

Nov 16, 1957   Jerry Engler (Stutnik)                     Air Guard Bldg

Nov 25-30        Jimmy Cavallo                               Andre's Tic Toc

Dec 3-12           Joni James                                     3 Rivers Inn

Dec 7, 1957      Victor Borge                                 War Memorial

Dec 7, 1957      Frankie Avalon                             War Memorial
                          The Belmonts
                          Rhythm Cadets (Smith, Singleton)
                          Teen Tones
                          Andy Martin
                          WNDR's Dan Leonard, Rolly Fowler, Russ Syracuse

Dec 10, 1957    Salt City 5 w/ Will Alger             Memory Lane

Dec 13, 1957    Michael Rabin                              Lincoln Aud.

Dec 20, 1957    Kate Goyea                                  Grotto Rest

Dec 20, 1957     Radio Talent Scouts Show          War Memorial
                          The Emeralds (Greg Tearney)
                          The Eldaros (Bobby Green)
                          Rockin Hi Lo's
                          Jennie Lee Lambert (mother of Lisa Gentile)
                          Rhythm Cadets (Smith, Singleton)
                          Johnny Carlo
                          Tex Roe
                          Bobby Hosid, James Scott
                          John Shannon, Ray Patarore, Tony Aiello

Dec 27-29         Jimmy Cavallo                             P.L.A.V.

Dec 31, 1957    Charlie Spivak Orchestra             3 Rivers Inn

Dec 31, 1957    Eddie Williamson Orch                Drumblins



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